2018 at Tubettificio Favia: challenges, emotions and … aluminium tubes!

The year which is going to close has been very intense. And since the days before New Year are always a budget moment, here is our 2018 in pills!

1) The most important news of the last 12 months has undoubtedly been the introduction of StealthCode® technology in aluminium tube printing processes. StealthCode® is a code invisible to the human eye that is “hidden” in the artwork and printed on the entire surface of the tube: just scan it with the free app to activate a link that refers to exclusive digital content (pdf to download, quizzes, product sites, landing pages etc.). An innovative solution that lends itself to “phigital” communication strategies (Physical + Digital). StealthCode® can be successfully integrated into various printing projects, even with ToBeUnique, the exclusive Favia printing that involves both the capsule and the tube body in a single process, for results of great visual impact.

2) We have taken up the challenge launched by ChocoAma to put the chocolate in a tube and we have collaborated on this very interesting project thanks to the consolidated experience in the food packaging. Our collapsible aluminium tubes are the perfect packaging to contain sauces and jams, which remain safe from external contamination, can be squeezed directly into the dish, do not dirty and don’t even need spoons or other tools! Practical, lightweight, environmentally friendly and anti-waste: they allow you to squeeze the contents to the last drop.

3) Our innovations and our continuous research in the packaging design industry have been protagonists of a case study at the Palestra delle Professioni Digitali. A beautiful moment of confrontation in which our CEO Renato Favia talked with the students to tell a little bit about us, about our work and how we became leaders in the packaging industry, focusing on the high quality of Made in Italy.

4) The 2019 has also seen us protagonists of some important events in which we have dealt with the greats of the design world, such as Brand Revolution Lab, a creative project organized by Stratego Group under the patronage of DMA Italia. Our ToBeUnique has been chosen by Artefice Group as a design packaging for Absolute White Plakkontrol toothpaste, known for its characteristic black paste.

5) The sustainable packaging market, especially the aluminum market, is growing strongly, driven also by recent decisions of the European Union to ban plastic for single-use products. Many companies therefore find themselves in a situation to identify new ways of packaging their products and more and more in the food sector the collapsible aluminium tube makes its way. An example of ecological, practical packaging, perfect for single portions. Just think of sauces, condiments, jams, creams, soft pastes for the food service or catering industry.

6) The commitment to sustainability has also been expressed in collaboration with Eywa Nature, a benefit company that produces high quality cosmetics using excellent raw materials from certified supply chains in the fair market, in particular from Burkina Faso.

7) We looked at America, from where new trends in packaging design often arrive, and we discovered that vintage taste is back in fashion, with implications in the industry of design especially related to beauty products. The collapsible aluminium tubes have been protagonists of advertising campaigns and launches of new products for some time, while the iconography of beauty and of the beauty product has changed profoundly. We are moving towards the search for authenticity and truth: this also asks the public for powerful influencers who seem increasingly able to move the market from their Instagram profiles. If a product is of quality and valid because it does not show that it was used really? And here are a series of social post where the tube is collapsed, squeezed, mistreated. In short, used up to the last drop: this is proof that the product is excellent.

8) Last October we went to Madrid for CPhI, the most important international trade show in the pharmaceutical industry, where we presented Smart Aluminuim Tube, an innovative collapsible aluminium tube that becomes interactive thanks to the implementation of StealthCode® technology. An excellent method for communicating directly with the user and completing the product offer with useful information on the knowledge of the drug and its correct use (for example, in the case of a cream, the way to apply it). To make the most of the instrument’s potential, we have created the example of a dermatological cream: Revelio.

By the end of the year it’s time to start looking at 2019, a year that will be full of innovations for us. In addition, we have a gift for our customers: from January the Favia Online portal will be completely renewed with even more intuitive graphics and new features that will allow you to quickly find all the information on the products that you need to keep close at hand.

The future promises well … Best wishes!

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