Aluminium Tubes for Cosmetics

Cosmetic companies have special needs. Like the pharmaceutical and food companies, they also need the packaging to guarantee integrity of the product and high standards of quality.

But it is not enough. In cosmetics, the tube is also an important means of communication, through which the brand image is conveyed.

These are some excellent reasons to choose Favia as partner for the supply of aluminium tubes for cosmetics:

The Highest Quality Standards

Tubettificio Perfektüp commits itself to the cosmetic industry with the reliability and efficiency of whom has been working for years in close contact with the needs of the pharmaceutical world. Management is focused on excellence and renewed itself by means of innovative solutions which can provide your customers with comfort, beauty and personality.

Soft Nozzle – The ideal solution for topical applications

Whether the products are eye-contour creams or other treatments with topical applications, the aluminium tube with soft nozzle is the ideal solution. A light and delicate touch, accurate dispensing and no splashes. Moreover, the nozzle can be customized in different colors.

Aluminium tubes as a cosmetic packaging

In addition to consolidated expertise in the pharmaceutical sector, Perfektüp Tubes also have experience in the world of cosmetics: our customers in the cosmetics sector have particularly appreciated the ability to combine attention to detail and quality with the ability to understand market trends, both in make-up and non-make-up cosmetics (beauty creams, eye contour, hand cream, etc.). Cosmetic packaging is an important marketing appeal, and Perfektüp aluminium tubes are perfect for all those brands that want to communicate their commitment to sustainability. Moreover, they have an irresistible vintage charm!

Aluminium tubes for cosmetics

Relying on the collapsible aluminium tube for your cosmetic products is the ideal choice to guarantee the highest hygiene and integrity of the product. Moreover, in a time that is rediscovering how it is important not to waste, it means to give the end customer the opportunity to use the product purchased till the last drop, without using scissors and exposing the cosmetic product to the air contact even for more days, altering its properties.

Tubettificio Perfektüp has a long tradition in the production of aluminium tubes for cosmetics. Since the first years of its activity, it has managed to provide packaging solutions for cosmetic companies, harmonizing the criteria of ergonomics, comfort and aesthetics.

Solutions for all needs

Tubettificio Perfektüp sales staff is receptive to your needs and can find the solution tailored to every requirement.

Prepress department

The graphic prepress department can interact with your staff or your creative agency, providing you with the support you need to finalize your project.

Documentation support

Quality Service can support you throughout the process relating to documentation and certifications pursuant to the law.

Online customer portal

Communication is efficient and dynamic thanks to Perfektüp's online customer portal, where it is possible to check the status of orders and download certificates in real time.

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