TUBETTIFICIO PERFEKTÜP S.R.L. has a system for receiving, managing, analyzing and processing whistleblowing reports, including anonymous ones, making available to whistleblowers (workers, collaborators, consultants, suppliers, partners, shareholders and members of corporate bodies) a portal to notify the Company’s governing body of irregularities that have come to their attention in the context – working relationship.

As described in the Whistleblowing Policy, TUBETTIFICIO PERFEKTÜP S.R.L. ensures the protection and confidentiality of the identity of the reporter as well as of other persons deserving protection in compliance with Legislative Decree No. 24/2023 and of the information contained in the report (including the identity of the person reported) and, in any case, guarantees protection against any possible retaliation related, even indirectly, to the reported facts.

The Platform is to be used exclusively by individuals defined as whistleblowers under the regulations and for the purposes indicated. Whistleblowing reports are not whistleblowing reports and will not, therefore, be considered for example:

  • Complaints, claims or personal requests related to one’s employment relationship (to be sent to the appropriate Personnel functions).
  • Complaints regarding inefficiencies in the services rendered by the company (to be sent to the dedicated corporate functions).

What other reporting channels can you use?

In addition to the above-mentioned Platform, which is to be considered preferential and suitable for guaranteeing the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity by means of information technology, the following channels can also be used:

  • E-Mail Adddress:
  • Regular Mail: TUBETTIFICIO PERFEKTÜP S.r.l., sede operativa sita in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), Via Verona n. 7

External reporting channel managed by the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC). In the cases peremptorily indicated pursuant to Art. 6 and Art. 19 of Legislative Decree No. 24/2023, it is also possible to make a report to the relevant authority (ANAC) through the channel available at the following link:

Privacy Policy

Information and personal data disclosed in the context of reports are processed for the purpose of managing and following up on the reports, as well as investigating any reported conduct and taking the necessary measures in accordance with applicable laws, including data protection regulations.

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Privacy Policy

Whistleblowing Procedure

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