Aluminum tubes for cosmetics: a vintage solution for an amazing product launch

The world of cosmetics has definitely rediscovered the use of aluminum tubes! A design packaging, hygienic, sustainable, recyclable, comfortable, light and anti-waste. Aluminum creates a perfect barrier against light and external agents and is therefore a preferable material for all products that require practical use and have a long shelf life.

The aluminum tubes for cosmetics is the new hit on Instagram

Aluminum tubes for cosmetics have recently become a new trend among beauty influencers! Squeezed, collapsed and rolled tubes are the protagonists of stories and postings on the social of images par excellence. Even more than content (hand or face creams, shaving creams, make-up) the packaging is what seems to be more relevant!

Whether it’s a renewed interest in sustainability, or just a pure aesthetic choice, the aluminum tube for cosmetics finds a new iconographic dimension. Above all in a version we could define “nude”! The aluminum tube that shows its true nature in the reflections of metal or in a pastel satin variant, with easy-to-read writings, is the protagonist in cosmetic magazines, on posters and advertising campaigns, on the most famous cosmetic brands’ profiles and top influencers’ profile.

Collapsible aluminum tubes: a new sensibility for the concept of beauty

The idea of the collapsible aluminum tube used, we could say consumed, has become a trend both for advertising and for the communication of many brands in the cosmetic industry, that choose no longer to show the full and “fit” tube, but more often choose as protagonist for their campaigns the collapsed, squeezed, crumpled, rolled tube: in other word, a used tube.

This new trend seems to respond to a much deeper socio-cultural change, a new way of thinking and interpreting beauty. Perfection is no longer an absolute must, a goal to achieve at all costs. It often happens, especially recently, to see actresses or models photographed without makeup, and there are many campaigns to raise awareness against excessive photo-editing.

A true face, with no make-up, imperfect, with a wrinkle or a scar not hidden, gives back the image of an authentic person, who tells a story of his own; can’t an aluminum tube rolled, collapsed, squeezed or used, do the same? To convey this new way of understanding the aluminum tube for cosmetics, more than cosmetic brands are involved the influencers. The reliability and the truth of their posts and their reviews also pass from the image of used products, of which the squeezed tube is a sure proof.

A simple way to convey an important message, which the community immediately perceives as reliable: a collapsed tube indicates an excellent product, which has been used until the end.

Tube and cosmetics: packaging design for the big launch of a new products

A very interesting case is the one of a face cream, launched by two famous American influencers, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores, co-founders of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask brand, which a few weeks after the launch became the best-selling product in Sephora stores.

A real boom that according to many experts in the industry is certainly due to the product but also to its packaging: an elegant aluminum tube of an extremely photogenic cerulean blue! More and more beauty addicted assert that aluminum tube for cosmetics stands out on the shelves and it is an excellent vehicle for brand awareness (just think of Marvis toothpaste!).

Thanks to its design office, Tubettificio Favia can design and create ad hoc graphics for cosmetic products, beautiful to look at and easily identifiable on the shelves. The tube surface is completely customizable, as shown by ToBeUnique, the digital printing that involves both the metal body and the closing cap, with a graphic continuity and impeccable rendering.

Are you curious and want to see a sample of our production? Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be glad to meet you and show our products.

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