Favia among the protagonists of Brand Revolution Lab

What happens when printing technological innovation meets Design? A huge revolution that can completely change the identity of a brand! This is the aim of Brand Revolution Lab, the creative project carried out by Stratego Group under the patronage of DMA Italia, which saw Favia as one of the protagonists of the 2018 edition.

Brand Revolution Lab brings together suppliers of printing innovative solutions with design agencies, who apply these solutions in creative projects dedicated to real products of already existing companies, “disruptive” projects able to show well-known brands in a completely new light.

Favia made available for the Lab project its exclusivity ToBeUnique, the digital printing that involves both the aluminum body and the plastic cap of the tube in a single process. A solution that besides lending itself to various creative results, is also fundamental in terms of anti-counterfeiting. ToBeUnique can also be implemented with the StealthCode® technology, which allows the insertion of a code invisible to the human eye and hidden in the graphic of the tube, detectable through the appropriate free mobile app, which connects to exclusive digital content associated with the product such as a video or a website. StealthCode® is based on Digimarc® technology and is distributed in Italy by BeeGraphic company, also present among Brand Revolution’s protagonists. A combination that makes the aluminum tube a true smart packaging solution.

The challenge was accepted by Artefice Group, a visual communication agency specialized in brand identity, which applied ToBeUnique technology to Absolute White Plakkontrol toothpaste, known for its distinctive, black paste. A project addressed to young people which reinvents classic design with sports themes and connects to digital contents dedicated to oral hygiene. The cap of the tube, once unscrewed, becomes a game element to challenge friends in funny matches inspired by basketball, football and volleyball.

On May 9th, in the exclusive location of the Sala delle Polene in the Science and Technology Museum of Milan, was held the vernissage where all the projects were presented to a selected public of agencies, marketing managers and entrepreneurs. The Favia case study has attracted a great deal of interest among the participating guests; a great opportunity to let people known about innovation through its real and concrete application.

Thanks to Artefice Group’s designers for the enthusiasm and creativity and the organizers of Stratego Group for making this meeting possible!

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