Aluminum tube: when a “classic” is the real innovation

There is a fresh air in the packaging world: the market increasingly looks to solutions that combine design and environmental sustainability. On one hand, to meet the new regulations, which tend to discourage the use of non-sustainable packaging (such as plastic bags); on the other one, to satisfy the new-found environmental awareness of consumers. To solve this puzzle, we do not necessarily need futuristic solutions: it would be enough to look with new eyes to “classic” packaging ideas that have always been reliable and sustainable: the collapsible aluminum tube is a perfect example.

Consumer habits are changing deeply, as well as public opinion and the attitude of institutions towards environmental issues. More and more countries are adopting laws that discourage the use of plastic, especially disposable plastic (dishes, glasses, straws …). But the attention also goes to the widespread use in many sectors of the industry, including pharmaceutical and cosmetics: tubes for creams, ointments, toothpastes, are often made of plastic. Plastic can be recycled, it is true: but it is not even comparable to aluminum, which can be 100% recycled, infinite times, without losing its original qualities and whose recycling process requires 95% less energy than the realization from raw material.

The European Union has banned plastic to produce all those manufactured goods for which it is possible, or already available, a sustainable alternative. To curb environmental pollution, last May The European Government launched some new rules prohibiting the production of disposable plastic products, such as cutlery and plates, glasses, straws, rods for balloons, sticks for ears cleaning. All member States will therefore have to commit themselves individually to reducing the consumption of plastic products, for example by preventing their free distribution within national borders, offering sustainable alternatives.

Companies that will choose to produce these goods with environmentally friendly and less polluting alternatives will be rewarded with industrial incentives, and companies will also be asked to participate actively in the collection and recovery of waste.

More and more companies in the packaging industry are questioning themselves to find alternative, ecological and sustainable solutions able to fully satisfy consumers, guaranteeing the quality that the companies producing consumer goods require for the distribution of their own products. In fact, packaging does not have only the function of dividing the product into easily transportable units, but also to protect it, to guarantee its integrity and to ensure maximum conservation for those products considered as “long shelf-life”.

In this context, the collapsible aluminum tube is a “handy” solution suitable for various products, practical, hygienic, light to carry and above all recyclable. Aluminum is a completely recyclable material, infinite times, which recycling allows an energy saving of 95% compared to the production from raw material.

Aluminum packaging can be the right answer to the demand for quality, sustainable and design packaging. The collapsible aluminum tube is the perfect container for sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, anchovy or tomato paste, a practical solution especially considering the single-serving market. The aluminum tube is resealable, and this allows the content not to be exposed to possible environmental contamination, moreover the extremely malleable material allows consumer to squeeze the tube on itself until the end, avoiding waste of product or cutting the tube, which however would expose to contamination the content.

For your products choose a sustainable and quality packaging, able to protect and enhance it. Contact us to know the whole range of our production, from the collapsible aluminum tubes, to the soft nozzle tubes, to ToBeUnique, the tubes with digital printing on body and closing cap, which allow surprising graphic effects and can become precious ally in the fight against counterfeiting.

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