Favia’s innovation at Cphi

In few weeks CPhI 2018, the world’s leading pharmaceutical trade fair will be held, staging this year from 9th to 11th October at the Feria de Madrid, in Spain. An event awaited by professionals in the branch and an excellent showcase for presenting new products, also in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Tubettificio Favia will be present this year with its own stand. The opportunity to present an innovative pharmaceutical packaging that combines the reliability of a classic and consolidated solution with digital innovation.

This is the Smart Aluminum Tube, an aluminum tube that, in addition to protecting the content, allows end users to access exclusive multimedia content on health and well-being, which complete and enhance the product supply.

A revolution made possible by a tube printing process able to integrate the StealthCode® technology: a code invisible to the human eye is printed on the entire surface of the tube, “hidden” inside the design. But you can easily download the free mobile application (available in the main stores) and scan the tube to activate the link to the contents, which may be of different nature: websites, educational videos, downloadable pdfs, surveys and so on.

StealthCode® technology is based on Digimarc Barcode®,  has been developed and belongs to the Italian company BeeGraphic. It works like a QRCode with no disturbance on the design, because the code is invisible, and also easily readable even on curved or very small surfaces.

A real revolution in pharmaceutical information.

Innovative and anti-counterfeiting packaging

The phenomenon of pharmaceutical counterfeiting, today, takes various forms, which are all to contrast: the counterfeiting of products, which moves impressive business turnover at our health’s expense, and the most subtle form of counterfeiting which regards information, which cleverly exploits the power of the Net to spread false myths and fake news.

Pharmaceutical packaging is already considered an effective tool to contrast the drugs counterfeiting; thanks to digital innovation, it can also effectively contrast disinformation, providing end users with information on the drug and its correct use, falling into details that are difficult to find in the leaflets. For example, videos that show directly and clearly:

  • how to smear an ointment over the area to be treated, lingering on quantity, force of pressure of the hands, direction of the massage etc.
  • techniques for medicating our pets, which are often not very cooperative in terms of veterinary care;
  • direct interviews with doctors or pharmacists (video FAQ);
  • animated videos that illustrate the action of the drug within the body.

But there are many alternatives: one that will certainly be appreciated by end users, is the possibility to download the package leaflet in any language, regardless of the language of the country where the drug is purchased.

By simply scanning any part of the tube, the end user can read the indications, the details and all that the pharmaceutical company, official and eminent source, want to make available for users online. 

Aluminium tube as 2.0 packaging

Much more than a simple commodity, the tube becomes a direct communication tool between the pharmaceutical company and the end user: a real 2.0 packaging, a direct channel without filters that allows customers to obtain secure and easily accessible verified information.

An innovative pharmaceutical packaging that will also become a useful tool for pharmaceutical informants, because it allows to enhance the product and present it as “closer” to users, in a hyper-connected society where the smartphone always handy, both for the youngest people and for the seniors.

Access to reliable and verified pharmaceutical information is also a value for the doctors and pharmacists themselves, because they know that, in addition to the drug itself, they are recommending added value in terms of content. The Smart Aluminum Tube becomes the authoritative spokesperson of the pharmaceutical company in our homes and … in our pockets!

If you want more information on the Smart Aluminum Tube, please contact us via e-mail: we will be happy to send you a sample.

If you will also attend the CPhI 2018 at IFEMA in Madrid, ask for an appointment: we’ll be waiting for you at booth 2B53!

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