The ideal packaging solution for gels and ophthalmic ointments, but also for cosmetic creams, eye contouring gels and for all preparations that require precision in application.

Born for the care and well-being of the eyes.

Ophthalmic packaging

Eye care is in fact the one that arouses the most reticence in patients, especially in self-medication: when we see a tip approaching the iris, even the steadiest hand tends to retract. The difficulty also emerges when we have to apply the medicine to someone else, especially to uncooperative subjects, such as small children or our pets. This is why ophthalmic medicines receive special attention in pharmaceutical companies, including with regard to packaging, which not only has the task of protecting the product but also facilitating its use.

Tube for ophthalmic creams and ointments

In a pharmaceutical and cosmetic context, ophthalmic packaging is extremely important: eye care is the most delicate and insidious medication because it treats one of the most sensitive areas of our body. Both from a practical point of view (the application itself) and product storage, there are a number of factors that must be guaranteed: hygiene and sterilization, stable temperature, barrier for external agents, precise administration avoiding overdosing, and others. The most widely used solution that meets all these requirements, especially for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, is the aluminum tube with an ophthalmic nozzle, suitable for all types of ointments, gels and ointments for treating the periocular area.

Traditional approach: the nozzle with a standard tip

The most traditional ophthalmic packaging solution in the pharmaceutical sector is undoubtedly the aluminum tube with a standard tip nozzle.

Initially produced in fit-for-purpose standard polyethylene, our standard ophthalmic nozzle is now made entirely of Pharmalene®: a polyethylene specially designed for medical use and suitable for pharmacopeia according to European regulations.

This solution is optimal for both the end user and the pharmaceutical company, making the finished product even more reliable.

Innovative approach: the soft nozzle

The addition of the soft plastic nozzle facilitates dispensing and application of the product even on the most sensitive areas, which may risk irritation or minor injuries.

The soft nozzle can be used in the ophthalmic sector for the application of ointments or in cosmetics when it is necessary to apply make-up to areas of the eye that are very sensitive. Notable and diverse are the uses in pediatrics, where it is essential to use materials that respect the delicate skin of children.

The soft nozzle can also be used in veterinary medicine, allowing the end customer an easier use of topical medicines for animals.

The possibility of having the soft tip in a different color can help to visually identify different product classes.

A gentle touch that allows safe application, even in self-medication.

Also suitable in veterinary medicine, even on the most restless patients.

Perfect for pediatric use, also for infants and children from 0 to 3 years of age.

In Cosmetics, an alternative to the classic eye contour gel tube.

Awarded with the Packaging Oscar 2015 for Innovation in Technology

The aluminium tube with soft nozzle has been very successful and secured our Tubettificio the winning of a prestigious award: the Packaging Oscar 2015, assigned by the Italian Institute of Packaging. Below are the reasons for assigning the Award for Innovation in Technology: “The safety in the product preservation and in application modes are the strengths of the tube, particularly evident if used for drugs as ophthalmic ointments. Particular care has been taken in the realization of small details of the packaging, resulting in an original innovation.”

Maximum comfort and safety

Dispensing control

Ideal for several sectors

A differentiating element on the market

PET seal: an environmentally sustainable choice

A good solution does not exclude that there may be an even better one! This is why Tubettificio Perfektüp always keeps abreast of the latest developments in the industry, from materials to processes, favoring sustainable solutions that achieve a lower environmental impact. And it is in this context that the latest innovation in our aluminum ophthalmic tubes comes to life: the guarantee seal is now no longer made of PVC but of PET, the plastic material with the highest recyclability rate. The seal is four times useful: it is tamper-proof, because it guarantees that the tube has not been opened; it offers an additional protective shield over the opening area; it enhances the product, because it can be customized in color and with the brand logo; it discourages counterfeiting, because it is complex to produce, especially in customized versions.

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