Our commitment to sustainability in packaging

In a reality where environmental sustainability is a requirement and no longer an option, companies are called upon to find real solutions. In recent years, sustainability in packaging has taken center stage, prompting the industry to look for innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact. Adopting environmental sustainability is not only morally correct, but also offers tangible benefits to companies, contributing to a greener and more responsible economy.

Tubettificio has been a pioneer in adopting the concept of sustainability as one of its values. A choice that dates back to the Second World War, when the then Favia decided to specialize in one material, Aluminium, universally considered to be among the most environmentally friendly.

But the commitment does not end with the product. Tubettificio has built and installed a photovoltaic system that covers the entire roof area of the factory: a solution that allows significant savings in electricity. Our corporate social responsibility is also based on a strong commitment to pursuing effective eco-sustainable growth that preserves the resources of the environment in which we work and live.

Bell Holding's commitment to the Environment

Bell Holding, the international group to which Tubettificio Perfektüp belongs, is committed on several fronts to sustainability in packaging and protection of the Environment: it favors recycled or recyclable materials and production processes that can significantly reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions.

In 2018 Bel Holding joined the New Plastic Economy Global Commitment program of the Ellen McArthur Foundation, for a real application of circular economy principles in the world of packaging.

ToBeNaturAL: the solution is even greener!

Why limit yourself to an aluminium tube if you can have an extra “green” kick? 

Choose ToBeNaturAL: thanks to the properties of aluminium, the tube is 100% recyclable indefinitely; thanks to the cap made of compostable and biodegradable material, the tube becomes a completely sustainable packaging solution. 

To the eye and to the touch, it might resemble hard plastic, but the ToBeNaturAL capsule is made of innovative materials from plant sources that degrade in the environment within a few months (90 days in the case of compostable materials).

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10 reasons to choose sustainable packaging for your products

Answering consumer demand:

More and more consumers are turning to products and brands that demonstrate a commitment to the environment. Companies that adopt sustainable practices can attract and retain customers looking for eco-friendly options.

Reducing environmental impact:

The packaging industry can have a significant negative impact on the environment due to the use of nonrenewable resources, pollution caused by production, and waste management. By choosing sustainable materials and processes, companies can reduce their environmental footprint.

Resource savings:

Using recyclable or biodegradable materials can contribute to better resource management. In addition, efficiency in production processes can reduce energy and raw material consumption.

Regulatory compliance:

Many jurisdictions are introducing stricter environmental regulations. Companies must comply with these regulations in order to avoid legal and financial penalties.


The adoption of sustainable practices drives companies to seek new solutions and innovative materials, paving the way for opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage.

Risk management:

Unstable natural resources and changing consumer expectations can pose risks to companies. Adopting sustainable practices helps to better manage these risks, ensuring long-term business continuity.

Reputation and brand image:

Being seen as a company committed to sustainability can improve brand image and increase consumer trust.

Access to markets and partners:

Some markets, customers and business partners may require or prefer to work with companies that meet strict environmental criteria. Sustainability can therefore open doors to new business opportunities.


With more and more companies adopting sustainable practices, a lack of environmental commitment can jeopardize long-term competitiveness.

Social responsibility:

Companies play a crucial role in protecting the environment. Contributing to sustainability is a demonstration of social responsibility, which can have a positive impact on society and the community in which the company operates.

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