8 rules for a conscious packaging

Do you want to make a choice that is really respectful of the environment? In order to assess the ecological impact of the product you want to buy, you must also consider its packaging.

To help you make the best choice, our Tubettificio, in collaboration with CIAL (National Aluminum Packaging Consortium) has created a practical guide: The 8 rules of conscious packaging.

Before putting a product in the cart, ask yourself these questions, one by one. We don’t want to be prescriptive, but generally if the answer is “yes” to at least 5 questions out of 8, then the product and its packaging deserve to end up in your cart; otherwise, you can try to evaluate alternatives.


Necessary Packaging

When we buy a product its packaging is really indispensable? Or the product could be sold without it.


Sustainable Packaging

Is the packaging produced with recyclable material? Is it sustainable? Does its recycling take place with energy saving or waste reduction methods?


Zero Waste Packaging

Packaging allows the use of the product up to the end, facilitating its use until the last drop? Or do you need a direct intervention, for example cutting a part of it?


Reliable Packaging

Is the packaging material resistant? Is it a material that resists possible external stresses? Does it break if it falls? Is it fragile? Does it resist shocks? Does it extend the shelf life of the product?


Functional Packaging

Does the packaging make the product easy to use? For many products the packaging becomes a tool for use, and this requires certain characteristics. Can it be easily closed to allow us to store it without using other containers?


Protective Packaging

The content is precious and should be preserved in the best way. Is the packaging material resistant enough? Is it a material that acts as a screen towards external agents? Is it hygienic and ensures the contents not to become contaminated once the package is opened?


Responsible Packaging

How is the packaging produced? Does the company deal with sustainability? Does the production chain respect the workers?


Communicative Packaging

Does packaging enhance the brand? Can it communicate its mission and values?

We have prepared three different downloadable versions of this page: for pc, for tablet and for smartphone, so you can read them easily even if you are offline.

P.S. These documents are printable but please, respect the environment: keep the digital version!


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