Aluminium Tubes for Food

Packaging for food

Packaging for food must comply with specific features in order to protect the delicate content inside. Besides being totally non-toxic, it must be unalterable, provide a barrier against light and must not alter the organoleptic properties of food. This is why aluminium is the ideal material for food packaging – comfortable, safe, well-proven in the preservation, and completely recyclable.

Aluminium tubes for food use are the ideal solutions for sauces, concentrated sauces and compound food-stuff. Their fully collapsible nature allows to squeeze the content out till the last drop, avoiding any waste.

Tubes for small amounts of food

Tubettificio Perfektüp can produce aluminium tubes for food use from 3 to 150g. Specialized in the smallest sizes, it provides solutions that are particularly suitable for specific purposes, such as sampling of new products, complement for catering services or cake design.

Support for certifications

Food industry requires highly strict certifications of quality. It is not always easy to deal with bureaucracy. Tubettificio Perfektüp Quality Department can support you in producing the documentation required by law and give you all expertise and competence gained in years of experience in the field.

An innovative approach

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