Aluminium tubes for Pharma

A timeless classic of pharmaceutical packaging: suitable for creams, ointments and medical creams, the aluminium pharmaceutical tube is the solution that combines reliability, convenience and comfort.

A classic that never goes out of style.

Pharmaceutical tubes

Aluminium tubes intended for pharmaceutical use require a special production and quality control process, which is even stricter and more rigorous than for tubes intended for other applications.

Tubettificio Perfektüp is a leading supplier of aluminium tubes for the pharmaceutical industry. Its customers include some of the most important Italian and international pharmaceutical companies, who have found in Tubettificio Perfektüp the ideal partner for aluminium packaging of their products.

Here are the main reasons that identify Tubettificio Perfektüp as a supplier of excellence for the supply of collapsible aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical use:

Experience in the industry

We have Pharma in our DNA: Tubettificio Perfektüp inherits more than 90 years of experience in the production of Aluminium tubes for the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, the company has been able to understand market changes and adapt in time to the needs of a constantly changing world. From the beginning, with tin tubes, to the great innovation of Aluminium in the 1950s, until the integration of new solutions tailored to market needs, such as the aluminium tube for ophthalmic drugs.

Processes Management

By acting on both technological and organizational aspects, Perfektüp has inherited a method to manage Aluminium tube production in a way that guarantees flexibility, quality and efficiency. We manage the entire process from aluminium extrusion to tube printing and packaging. Each production phase is geared to meet the high quality standards required by the Pharma supply chain, and all the company actors involved carry out their operations with the knowledge that their work is an indispensable part of pharmaceutical packaging production.

Suitability of production environments

Production environments and procedural rules ensure full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice.

According to an internal protocol, regular analyses are carried out on products and production environments to avoid the risk of contamination.

Thanks to a careful risk analysis, all critical operations have been identified and managed appropriately, from line cleaning at the start and end of the batch, to sampling under a laminar flow hood.

High quality standards

A working method based on the highest quality standards guarantees all the specific aspects required for the production of pharmaceutical primary packaging. Tubettificio Perfektüp's Quality System has won several awards attesting to its reliability and effectiveness. In-process and end-of-production checks ensure compliance with agreed customer specifications. Batch release is managed and tracked by dedicated workflows. Production follows ISO 9001 standards and good manufacturing practice. We guarantee all aspects specific to the production of pharmaceutical packaging, including DMF registered with the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDI).

We follow the project from A to Z.

Pharma's high-standard-oriented corporate mindset.

Internal Quality Control Department.

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Sterilized pharmaceutical tubes

Upon request, Aluminium tubes can be supplied with packaging suitable for filling in a sterile area. Packaging specifications are agreed with the customer in order to optimize transport, irradiation and use. Depending on requirements, it is possible to:

Documentation support

Tubettificio Perfektüp can support you in the processing of certifications required by the pharmaceutical industry. Our in-house Quality Control Department has in-depth knowledge of all issues concerning pharmaceutical regulation and is able to provide in-depth advice.

You can follow the progress of your orders in real time in one click: our customers can register on the Perfektüp Online portal and from there follow the status of their orders in real time and access all official batch documentation, such as certificates of analysis and irradiation certificates.

Tube for ophthalmic ointments

The application of ointments and ophthalmic creams is experienced with reticence by most patients. The task of pharmaceutical packaging is to make this operation easier and safer. This is why the tube with ophthalmic nozzle was designed. It is available in two versions: traditional, with a standard nozzle in rigid plastic, or innovative, with a soft nozzle that allows even more comfortable application and is particularly suitable for delicate areas or subjects. The Aluminium tube with soft nozzle won the prestigious 'Packaging Oscar' 2015, awarded by the Italian Packaging Institute.

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