Aluminium Tubes for Oil Paint and Tempera

Aluminium tubes can be traditionally applied in Arts

An artist is always surrounded by tubes of paint and brushes. It is nice to think that the aluminium tubes produced by Tubettificio Perfektüp can become custodians of new powerful works of art.

Digital Printing on Tube: Packaging as Ambassador of Art

The instruments at the service of art and beauty must be able to reflect it at all times. Tubettificio Perfektüp offers exclusively to its customers a service of digital printing that will turn your tubes into ambassadors of creativity.

Thanks to a unique method, which can be integrated with the offset printing, you can enrich the tubes with original and eye-catching graphics, providing them with color codes accurately reproducing every color shade.

Impressionists, Landscape Painters and Revolutionaries: How the Tube Has Changed Art

The soft aluminium tube was invented by an artist. It was, in fact, patented in 1841 by the American oil painter John Goffe Rand and was originally made of tin. Those were the years in which a new way of living art was spreading.

Painters came out of academies and studios to paint en plein air. Until that time, the most used solutions to store e transport oil colors were pig bladder sacks, and artists created their own colors, mixing pigments with oil.

Besides being uncomfortable or unreliable, these bladders did not ensure an efficient protection. In contact with air or light, colors altered and rapidly dried out. The tube made of tin invented by Rand provided an efficient barrier against drying out and sunlight.

It was light and allowed to easily transport the already mixed and ready-for-use colors, with no fear of leaks. Soft and collapsible material avoided waste. It is not a surprise that the spread of the tube went hand in hand with the artistic revolution that had swept the world of Art since the second half of the Nineteenth Century: Impressionism. Van Gogh and Cézanne painted their masterpieces with tube oil colors.

Click here to see the first tube patent with its drawings kept in the Archives of American Art.


The digital printing itself is not a guarantee of anti-counterfeiting, even if there are very few companies in the world that can use this technology on the aluminium tubes.

But Tubettificio Perfektüp provides its customers with a worldwide unique system of digital printing that not only covers the whole tube, but also the cap, and can be integrated with traditional offset printing.

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