Anticounterfeiting aluminium packaging

Packaging for the safety of your products.


Preventing the counterfeiting and tampering of products is one of the tasks of packaging. Perfektüp Tubes designs its aluminium tubes to provide the best solution to protect your products and your brand from this risk.

Anticounterfeiting aluminium packaging

Protecting the value of your products means protecting your company's work and the safety of your customers: with Perfektüp's anticounterfeiting packaging solutions, you can effectively fight forgeries and ensure the integrity of your brand.

There are several anti-fraud methods applicable to this type of packaging. With long experience in the pharmaceutical sector, one of the most affected by this phenomenon, Perfektüp Tubes can support you in identifying and applying the most effective anticounterfeiting strategy.

Tamper Proof Seal

A heat-shrink sleeve has always been applied to the closing capsule of our ophthalmic tubes.
This device, which tightly connects the nozzle to the capsule, only tears off when it is opened for the first time, highlighting any tampering.

Its application is 100% controlled during production with automatic inspection systems, thus guaranteeing its presence and effectiveness. Added to this, the highly trained and skilled personnel of the company's in-house Quality Department, carries out laboratory tests to meet the high quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The anticounterfeiting value comes from the non-imitability of this ophthalmic sleeve and the possibility of printing the sleeve in different colors to emphasize the visual impact.

Product counterfeiting: a real and widespread problem

Counterfeiting in the Pharmaceutical sector

percentage of counterfeit drugs on the global market
0 %
percentage of counterfeit drugs in some areas of Africa and Asia
0 %
registered medical cases attributed to the use of counterfeit drugs globally

Counterfeiting in Cosmetics

billion a year in lost revenue in the European Union
potential job losses
billion in tax revenue foregone

Anticounterfeiting pharmaceutical packaging

Counterfeit drugs are a phenomenon that represents a real danger to public health. In this context, pharmaceutical packaging can play a crucial role in its prevention, also thanks to the new technologies that are being developed in this sector. A number of innovative solutions have been introduced that allow pharmaceutical products to be traced and thus verify their authenticity.

Some examples are digital tags with the necessary information and anticounterfeiting codes in the form of QR codes or holographic marks. But sometimes it is the simplest solutions that are most effective: the tamper-evident seal for ophthalmic drugs can be the most effective formula to protect the product and the brand.

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An even more sustainable

The anti-tampering seal of our ophthalmic nozzle, which used to be made of PVC, is now made of PET, the plastic with the least environmental impact as it lends itself more than any other to being recycled and reused, (a slogan used to say: 'PET is made to be remade').

A single tamper-evident seal is barely a square centimetre in size. But our factories can produce more than 40 million a year... and this expands our centimetre to cover about 4 km! 4 km of plastic that year by year adds up to more and more. A demonstration of how even a detail can make a difference.

Safety as always, with renewed support for the environment.

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