Favia as lecturer for young graduates in Milan

The best way to study innovation? Meet real entrepreneurs and listen to their own experience! Renato Favia, our CEO, has been invited to partecipate as a lecturer to Palestra delle Professioni Digitali , an interesting initiative by Associazione Prospera in partnership with Accenture Italia and  Fondazione Italiana Accenture that takes place every year in Milan and Cagliari.

It’s an intensive training for University students and recent graduates, mostly from Liberal Arts (History, Literature, etc): a path that introduces them to digital marketing and communication, and the news jobs created by the digital revolution.

Favia’s participation, on March 2018, has been the perfect occasion to share with a young and enthusiastic public our innovative projects: from ToBeUnique Digital Printing to the introduction of StealthCode , from aluminium tube with soft nozzle, to process innovation of the portal Favia Online, until Favia’s digital communication and marketing strategies.

An amazing moment of brainstorming and sharing! Thanks to all participants, to the co-lecturers Alessandro Bruni and Manuela Cuadrado, and to the promoters!

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