Soft nozzle: The perfect solution for veterinary pharmaceutical packaging

“Design it’s not just what it looks like and feels like: design is how it works.” When he pronounced this sentence in 2003, Steve Jobs probably did not think about pharma packaging. But its definition is perfectly well fitting!

Final users do not see in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging as a simple container, but as a functional tool for using the content. Pharma packaging must be reliable, safe, but above all it must make it easy to dispense the drug, store it, and transport it.

This approach is particularly marked when it comes to medications to very delicate parts of the body (such as the eyes) or to delicate subjects such as children or animals. In the latter case, in particular, the recipient of the drug is a non-collaborative subject: dogs and cats tend to fidget during drug administration or anti parasitic application; This is a cause of stress in their “human companions”, struggled between the need for care, the feeling of “torturing” their little friends and the technical difficulty of drug administration, sensations that increase in the case of even smaller animals such as hamsters or little birds. A pharmaceutical veterinary packaging that makes it easier to administer pharmacological treatment can make the difference in these daily gestures and it becomes a valid reason for buying the ointment or the drug.

That’s why we thought about this kind of target while creating the aluminum tube with soft nozzle: the veterinary packaging that makes life easier for animal owners, giving maximum security and comfort to our four-legged friends.

The Favia veterinary tube is perfect for…

  • veterinary ophthalmic ointments;
  • veterinary gel or oinments;
  • antiparasitic gels or oinments;

The addition of the soft nozzle made in plastic allows a focused application even in the most delicate and sensitive areas. In addition, it can also be used effectively in the administration of liquid or semi liquid drugs for oral ingestion as an alternative to the dropper or the no needle syringe, uncomfortable and not appreciated solutions from animals.

The advantage of the aluminium tube with soft nozzle is particularly evident in the application of ophthalmic ointments: fear of hurting and continuous movements of the “special patient” make it difficult to operate; in not highly skilled hands, the traditional rigid ophthalmic nozzle could cause scratches or injuries.

The tube with soft nozzle for veterinary use, instead, allows a gently administration of the medicine in maximum comfort and in total safety.

Thanks to the soft nozzle tube, even the distribution of dog’s or cat’s ointment will be safe and simple. During summer it is essential to use an antiparasitic to prevent our four-legged friends from stings of insects and parasites. With an antiparasitic tube for dogs with soft nozzle, the application will be simple and comfortable.

The soft nozzle can also be customized with different colors to make product identification simpler, even when it is open; Who has more than one hairy four-legged friend and several drugs on the shelf, will definitely appreciate this extra attention!

To find all the information on the soft aluminum tube click on this page; for further information, please contact us!

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