Happy Valentine’s Day from Favia and ChocoAma

What’s your favourite kind of present for this Valentine’s Day? Red roses or a new, delicious chocolate sweet? We bet we already know the answer…

That’s why we were so amazed to be part of the new project ChocoAma, amazing little tubes with chocolate filling that will change your sweetest habits. ChocoAma is a perfect Valentine’s gift, nice and tasty. A brilliant idea by the Italian firm Dreama already acclaimed by public. Its secret? A product of high quality and an original packaging choice. A perfect example of how packaging can really become an important part of brand awareness.

The aluminium tubes for food used for ChocoAma pocket packaging, with a continuum design involving the tube and the cap, is an example of ToBeUnique digital printing, an exclusive by Favia: an elegant design, easy to remember, that is already used by DreAma in another successful product: the fruit jam in tube FruitAma.

Thanks to its aluminium packaging, the chocolate tube ChocoAma it’s easy and safe to carry with you. Taste the filling until the the very last drop!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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