Aluminium packaging for cosmetics: 5 reasons to choose it


Aluminium cosmetic tubes are the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of cosmetic products such as creams, lotions, gels, beauty serums and many others; the public loves them because they are light, durable and easy to use. Companies like them because they are fully recyclable, making them an ideal choice for brands that really want to reduce their ecological footprint and not surrender to the usual greenwashing.

But packaging is not only useful for preserving the product: it is an integral part of branding and can be the key to success. In the cosmetics industry this is particularly true; packaging is a real key element of the marketing strategy. Anyone who sees the silhouette of a square perfume bottle cannot help but associate it with the legendary Chanel No. 5. And what about the introduction of the lipstick stick, in the iconic case still used today? An innovation by Roger&Gallet for the modern woman who has a life outside her home and carries her beauty allies with her; a concept dear to Elizabeth Arden, who even made it a symbol of the feminist movement in the early 20th century.

Aluminium packaging for cosmetics: the great comeback

Aluminium packaging is a choice that is now back in vogue among cosmetics manufacturers due to the many advantages it offers over the most widely used packaging materials of recent decades, such as plastic.

We analyse one by one 5 valid reasons for choosing aluminium tubes as packaging for cosmetics.

1. Aluminium packaging for cosmetics effectively protects the product

Aluminium is a highly durable material that offers excellent protection for the cosmetics contained within it. Whether it is cosmetic creams, ointments, lotions, balms, cleansers or even foundations, aluminium offers an ideal solution. It forms a total barrier that prevents:

  • exposure to light, which, if prolonged, may spoil the product. Many cosmetics are sensitive to light and can degrade over time if exposed to it. The aluminium tube, a completely opaque material, prevents light from filtering in, helping to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the product inside. The opaque aluminium material completely blocks UV rays, keeping products fresher for longer.
  • oxidation, which is the chemical reaction that occurs on contact with oxygen in the air. When a product oxidises, its chemistry is altered and for a cosmetic, especially beauty creams, this means losing efficacy. The protection is twofold: unlike many plastic tubes, the aluminium tube has no air inside.
  • contact with bacteria: deformable aluminium tubes dispense the necessary amount of product without having to touch it directly with fingers or a spatula, actions that can lead to the passage of bacteria (present on the finger or beauty tool) into the cream.

2. Looking for practical and lightweight packaging? Aluminium is the solutionectively protects the product

Another of the advantages of aluminium packaging for cosmetics is itslight weight. Aluminium is a lightweight material that is easy to handle, transport and store. This translates into an advantage for those who keep it in their bags, but above all makes it an excellent packaging option for companies, especially for products that have to be transported over long distances. Compared to other materials such as glass or hard plastic, aluminium is significantly lighter, which makes it more convenient in terms of shipping and handling.

3. An infinitely recyclable material: aluminium

Aluminium is a unique metal: durable, flexible, waterproof, lightweight, and 100% infinitely recyclable. It isestimated that over 2/3 of all aluminium ever produced is still in circulation today.

Recycled aluminium can take many forms, allowing it to be used for a wide range of products. The proof is there for all to see: aluminium saves more energy during recycling than any other material: compared to producing native aluminium from bauxite, recycling aluminium requires only 5% of energy. This translates into an energy saving of 95%! Aluminium can be recycled and reused several times at a fraction of the initial production costs without losing its original characteristics or qualities. The fact that its recycling requires less energy offers significant advantages, bringing manufacturers, end users and environmentalists together.

The aluminium tube also provides a formidable anti-waste action. In fact, the deformable aluminium tubes can be rolled up on themselves, allowing every last drop of contents to be squeezed out. A feature that makes it a formidable ally for your wallet, as well as the environment!

4. Aluminium tubes can be branded

Who says that only plastic can visually enhance a product? In addition to their functional advantages, aluminium cosmetics tubes also appeal to the eye. A further advantage, especially in terms of marketing and branding, of using aluminium tubes is the high level of customisation they allow. Aluminium tubes can be graphically enhanced with a variety of printing techniques such as offset, screen and digital printing. This allows brands to create eye-catching designs that stand out on the shelf and attract customers’ attention, without the need for additional packaging such as cardboard boxes. But aluminium tubes also work in a ‘naked’ version: many manufacturers choose to keep the metal clearly visible. The reflective surface of the aluminium gives a metallic sheen to the packaging, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the whole product. Graphics that play with the natural charm of metal are also possible, providing unique effects that make the product instantly recognisable. An ideal choice for brands that want to create a superior look and feel for their cosmetics.

In addition, aluminium tubes can be produced in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them a versatile packaging option that can be customised to meet the needs of different supply ranges.

5. The undisputed charm of vintage cosmetic packaging

Vintage confirms itself as a successful trend for cosmetic packaging and the aluminium tube is its best testimonial: it can take us back in time, to the beginning of the last century, when industrial cosmetic products were beginning to spread also among the middle class, making a small, big revolution in customs (and consumption). In particular, the vintage trend has infected the world of men’s cosmetics, with beard and facial care products recalling style icons of the past. Cosmetic packaging is called upon to help revive this ritual of beauty and self-care, which also includes toothpaste, not by chance one of the first ever applications for the metal tube (and also one of the first success stories of Tubettificio M. Favia, which in the 1930s had Durban’s ‘toothpaste cream’ among its customers).

In summary, aluminium packaging for cosmetics is an excellent choice for brands that want to offer high quality, environmentally friendly and customisable packaging solutions.

Aluminium provides excellent product protection, offers a range of customization options and has an elegant appearance suitable for high-end cosmetic products.

If you are looking for cosmetic packaging that combines innovation and tradition; aluminium packaging is the ideal choice. Tubettificio Perfektüp is heir to a long tradition at the side of some of the most important cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies: know-how consolidated over more than 80 years of experience in terms of production processes, responses to market needs, compliance with regulations.

Would you like more information? Contact us: we will be happy to listen to your needs and send you a sample of tubes.

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  1. Hi, guys. We are launching a skincare brand from our HQ in Lisbon, Portugal. Could you help us understand our options for filling aluminium tubes? (And branding them.). Do you also offer filling services?

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