More than a tube: a “Pharma Tube”! The advantages of the aluminum pharmaceutical tube

Piu di un tubetto un FarmaTubetto i vantaggi del tubetto farmaceutico in alluminio

Aluminum tubes as packaging for pharmaceutical companies offer numerous advantages that are often taken for granted. This form of packaging has become increasingly popular for many reasons, from its physical and functional characteristics to its ability to preserve the integrity of pharmaceutical products. Let us take a closer look at them.

A packaging of recognised reliability (also for EU regulations)

Aluminum tubes are a packaging already recognised by the public and reseller networks, with a solid reputation for safety and reliability.

European regulations, in particular, are strict and dictate high standards for the packaging of pharmaceutical products. The use of aluminum tubes as pharmaceutical packaging ensures the company’s compliance with international regulatory requirements, giving pharmaceutical companies the assurance that their packaging complies with the safety and quality requirements set by the competent authorities. As these standards examine various aspects (such as the material’s inalterability, protection against external contamination, resistance to moisture, thermal stability and more), they confirm that aluminum meets these fundamental characteristics.

Opting for packaging that is already established and recognised, and produced according to pharmaceutical regulations, ensures that the company both complies with regulatory requirements at an international level (and therefore does not have to worry about operating in different markets) and can ensure production continuity (essential in a sector such as pharmaceuticals). Since the aluminum pharmaceutical tubes already comply with regulatory requirements, the company avoids complications or delays in the approval and marketing of its products (which can happen with packaging made from innovative materials, for example). This potentially speeds up market access, increasing opportunities for success and product penetration.

Versatile and flexible packaging

Aluminum tubes offer a wide range of design and customisation possibilities, allowing pharmaceutical companies to differentiate their products on the market. They can be easily printed with the logo, product name and other relevant information for a professional and eye-catching presentation. In addition, the aluminum tubes can be made in different sizes to suit the specific needs of each drug, allowing for customized packaging that optimizes space efficiency and minimizes waste.

Environmentally sustainable packaging

Being an environmentally sustainable company in 2023 is no longer an option but a fundamental requirement, even for pharmaceutical companies. Not only because consumers make purchasing choices based on green criteria, but also for consistency with the new lines of corporate social responsibility that many pharmaceutical companies have adopted. After all, caring for people’s health also means caring for the health of the environment in which they live.

Choosing aluminum tubes means reducing the company’s environmental impact, as this material is 100% recyclable without losing its initial qualities. Recycling aluminum requires less energy than producing aluminum from raw material, reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses and the consumption of natural resources.

An advantage for logistics

Moreover, the light weight of aluminum tubes can also be an advantage from a logistical point of view: carrying a lighter weight means less CO2 emissions associated with transport, reducing fuel use and air pollution. Not to mention that the aluminum tube, if dropped or bumped, can get dented but not shattered, as happens with other types of packaging (think jars or glass bottles). This is a considerable advantage, especially considering new consumer habits such as having medicines delivered to one’s home, and the futuristic solutions that are on the horizon in the medium term, such as the delivery of medicines by drones.

Long shelf life’ packaging

Aluminum is a material that offers an excellent barrier against oxygen and light, elements that can reduce the shelf life of drugs. By using aluminum tubes, companies can extend the shelf-life of their products, allowing customers to use them safely for a longer period of time. This is particularly important for all products that require specific storage conditions to maintain their efficacy over time, from food to cosmetics. But this also applies to the pharmaceutical world: it is no coincidence that even today the aluminum tube proves to be the packaging of choice for creams and ointments.

Profitable packaging for the end consumer

Aluminum tubes are very easy to use thanks to the material’s special features. The aluminum tube fills completely without leaving any air pockets, guaranteeing the integrity of its contents (no contamination with external agents) even once opened. This also means that the aluminum tube is deformable up to the tip: the product can be used down to the last drop, avoiding waste. In addition, it is light and easy both to use and to transport, a detail not to be underestimated for those who need to apply the medicine on a daily basis, even away from home. Especially in cases where application is more delicate.

Take for example the use of ointments or ophthalmic creams: our aluminum ophthalmic tubes can be equipped with a soft nozzle that facilitates the administration of the medication, ensuring effective therapy even for the most sensitive individuals. In particular, they offer a combination of protection, precise dosage, comfort, hygiene and convenience that ensures safe and controlled drug administration, contributing to patient well-being and satisfaction.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best packaging for your products, the aluminum tube is the solution: it meets all regulatory requirements, is versatile and flexible, and is friendly to sustainability and sensitive consumers. The options offered by the aluminum tube are countless: write to us for a personalized consultation and we will find a solution together according to your needs.

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