Aluminum tubes: hygienic and safe packaging

The upheavals due to Covid-19 have led to a radical change in habits and mentality that is also reflected in the criteria for purchasing of consumer products.

Among these, there is undoubtedly safety in terms of product reliability and hygiene. And consequently, also of their packaging. When we reach out to the supermarket shelf, we do not touch the mayonnaise, but the tube or jar that contains it. And that suddenly is covered with new attention by the buyer, who wonders: “will it be safe?”

Unfortunately, experts have often been divided in communicating to the public what to do or not to do to avoid contagion (starting with the use of protective devices) and this confusion has increased consumer insecurity. Many people are now washing or disinfecting their shopping bags before putting them in the cupboard or in the refrigerator, something unthinkable until  just a few weeks ago.

Some experts applaud, others consider it an exaggeration; WHO writes on the site: “studies suggest that coronaviruses can remain on surfaces for a few hours to a few days” (those interested in the topic can find an interesting detailed study published in the prestigious scientific journal Lancet).

But attention: packaging safety and hygiene are not limited to the material with which packaging is made, but also invest its functional sphere. And that is what we should focus more on. One of the tasks of packaging is in fact to facilitate the use of the product it contains: today more than ever it is essential that this can happen in the most hygienic and safe way possible.

Aluminum tube: hygiene, reliability and zero waste

Let us take for example a jar of cosmetic cream. Nice to look at, and maybe even reusable once the cream is finished. However, this type of packaging entails that to apply the cream you must collect it with your fingers. However, this is an external element which touching the cream acts as an inoculum for germs, which can easily spread inside the jar. The ideal would be to always wash your hands thoroughly before applying it, or use a perfectly clean little spatula, but in practice, who really does it? Some packs, such as body creams for example, can even be shared among the various family members!

Not only that: once opened, the jar exposes the product to contact with the air, therefore to oxidation, and this affects its integrity and conservation.

It is not much better with plastic tubes, which can store air inside them (do you know the unpleasant noise you hear when the product is almost finished?). In addition, you can never fully use its contents, unless you cut the “tail” of the tube completely exposing the residual product to air and light contamination.

With an aluminum tube this does not happen:

– the product comes out of the packaging without using any tools that can contaminate it; consequently, it can be shared in total safety even among several people.

– the cream that remains inside is totally protected from contact with air.

– you have total control of the supply that allows you to use only the necessary quantity, without waste.

– In addition, the tube is also quite easy to clean and keep clean, because it can be safely passed under the tap’s jet of water.

It is no coincidence that aluminum tubes have always been the favorite packaging of the pharmaceutical industry for ointments and creams! A reality we know well, since for decades we have been producing collapsible aluminum tubes for important international pharmaceutical companies. Collaborations that have allowed us to develop a work mentality based on the highest standards of Pharma and that we apply to all our production: aluminum tubes for food, aluminum tubes for cosmetics, or for the fine arts.

For more information, contact us: we will be happy to investigate and send you a sample of tubes.

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