The 8 rules of conscious packaging: protective packaging

When we talk about packaging, we don’t mean just a package that must contain a product, but we must remember that this product is precious and needs to be protected and stored at its best. The sixth rule for a conscious packaging is about content protection.

By purchasing a product our attention is often captured by the packaging and in recent times the questions we ask ourselves are often many.

Is the material with which the packaging is made, especially the primary, suitable for contact with the product? Is it a material that acts as a screen towards external agents? Is it a hygienic material? Does the packaging, once opened, keep its protection capacity?

All features that allow us to affirm that a packaging is protective of the contents. For example, in the case of foods that need special attention when choosing the packaging.

There are for sale, cartons and plastic materials, or more and more often bioplastics, suitable for contact with food. Even in the case of drugs and medicines, safety and hygiene are essential.

Aluminium is a protective material by its nature, hygienic and suitable for contact with food and medicines or in any case with all delicate products, since it does not contaminate the product with which it is in contact.

Generally, moreover, the aluminum packaging, such as cans and tubes, has an inner covering layer made of defensible material, which acts as a further protection of the contents.

Protecting means also ensuring that the content does not deteriorate in the event of a crash and that once opened it is not subject to contamination with external agents. Aluminum cans, tins or tubes, even in the event of an impact, do not break: they can be dented but this does not affect their quality.

In the case of drugs, safety becomes of fundamental importance. Just think about when we are traveling and maybe we need creams, ointments, toothpastes or other pharmaceutical products that we have to carry in a bag or a beauty case.

During transport tubes may undergo many stresses or thermal shocks. With the collapsible aluminium tubes there will be no problem since aluminium is a material that guarantees a perfect protection to the content in terms of exposure to heat and even if dented it does not change its characteristics.

The most recent developments in packaging research indicate that this should also be light and practical, which is why aluminium stands as a favorite material, precisely because lightness and malleability are its unique characteristics.

For its qualities, a guarantee of hygiene and a barrier against contamination, aluminium is extremely suitable for contact with drugs, cosmetics and food. Moreover, it is a very practical material, especially when we think of the collapsible tube.

Practicality is another of the features to consider when choosing a packaging. And here the collapsible aluminium tube emerges as a key element, as well as being a necessary packaging, sustainable, nowaste, reliable and functional.

The tube, being resealable, guarantees further protection of the contents even after opening, allowing optimal preservation.

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