The 8 rules of conscious packaging: enhancing the brand

With the search for conscious packaging rules we got at number 7: enhancing the brand. Not only necessary, sustainable, nowaste, reliable, functional and protective but also able to talk about the brand.

A winning packaging, in fact, must enhance the product it contains and consequently the brand. An anonymous and unrecognizable package does not communicate anything to the consumer and ends up being negative.

Enhancing the brand means transmitting its message, ethics and values. Not so much, or rather not only, a nice packaging, but above all a packaging useful to the consumer to recognize the brand and to create a sort of common thread with the consumer.

A branding packaging must not necessarily be an expensive or cumbersome. Let’s think of Apple and its packaging revolution with the choice of an essentiality that started to be taken as a model.

The packaging of Apple products is immediately recognizable and communicates to the public a precise scale of values.

Let’s go beyond. Who has never dreamed of having in his hands one of those wonders known as Tiffany Blue Box? The Tiffany & Co. jewelry boxes wrapped in white satin ribbon; a trademark that even has a color protected by copyright. A recognizable and immediately evocative packaging.

This is precisely the communicative strength of Apple and Tiffany, a force that unites these brands to others that choose a packaging that enhances their product by acting directly on the perception of that product by consumers.

But how can a brand be enhanced through packaging? Often the most successful products are not always the best in a given sector, but they are those perceived as the best.

In fact, packaging can be an excellent tool for increasing what in the jargon is called brand awareness.

To make the most of the brand, a packaging must therefore be able to communicate with the consumer.

But communicating means telling stories, in jargon storytelling. How much physical space does it take to tell something? Certainly images, words, claims need a surface to be shown. Are we really sure about that?

ToBeUnique: a storytelling tube

Have you already seen our ToBeUnique? Collapsible aluminium tubes, very small objects, which thanks to the implementation of Stealthcode® technology become an infinite blank canvas on which to write whatever you want.

Thanks to the printing of a code invisible to the human eye but detectable by a mobile app, the tube can contain all the information that the brand wants to share with consumers.

With a simple scan of the smartphone the consumer is sent back to a digital content, a website, a how-to video, useful information, FAQ section and so on. No need for voluminous packaging or for secondary packaging, such as a cardboard cardbox.

ToBeUnique and its most recent completely green evolution ToBeNaturAL thanks to the exclusive printing method of Favia guarantee an impeccable graphic rendering for packaging design solutions with a strong visual impact.

Is your packaging able to enhance your product and your brand? Is it a conscious packaging?

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