Here is the #noboxtoothpaste online campaign

Here is the #noboxtoothpaste online campaign

Recently a wave of disapproval has started on the internet regarding the so-called “secondary packaging“, meaning the additional packaging, as plastic films that wrap the packages of drinks or cardboard boxes that contain tubes and bottles. Among them, toothpaste tubes.

Sure, the cardboard is recyclable. But, is it really necessary? It all started with a blogger, Alan’s Theory, and his will to investigate the reasons that push manufacturers to distribute toothpaste tubes in cardboard boxes. A box that perhaps helps to pile up toothpastes on supermarket counters, or enhances brand visibility on the shelves (really?).  Alan has also come to the conclusion that the cardboard box is not only useless, because it is thrown away as soon as the toothpaste is opened, but it is an unjustified waste of precious raw material.

Furthermore, the blogger talks about Iceland, one of the countries with the lowest environmental impact in the world, a place where consumers’ buying habits have pushed companies to adapt their strategies. Result: in Iceland, no toothpaste is sold in cardboard boxes.

The defense of manufacturers, we know well, is that the box shape facilitates storage, allows a clear visibility of company logo and product information (I.e. ingredients). Above all, it’s considered a kind of enhancer for brand awareness on the shelves.

But is it really like that? At Tubettificio Favia we have created a collapsible aluminum tube whose digital print quality has such a high graphic performance that it does not need to be placed in a cardboard box. This is ToBeUnique: an innovative digital printing on aluminium tubes that involves in a single process the body and the closing cap, with a surprising graphic result. A solution that enhances brand awareness and makes your product unique.

With the exception of very delicate or fragile content, the truth is we don’t need cardboard boxes at all. Unless we considered them as durable packaging as well, that can be re-used in different ways (as it happens sometimes in cosmetics). New technologies guarantee a result that is beautiful, sustainable and perfectly in line with the trends in digital design and communication. Trends that talk about a return to vintage and corporate storytelling declined in every form.

All features perfectly embodied by the collapsible aluminum tube, a sustainable packaging because it’s recyclable, with a vintage style, perfect for various products like drugs and cosmetics and so light that it can stand still on its cap!

Packaging plays different key-roles:

  • Extends product life;
  • Protects the content from different kind of contamination;
  • Makes it easier to use and transport;
  • Makes it more recognizable and communicates its identity.

Start thinking about how many products are sold in unnecessary cardboard boxes and make your choice! For your products (or purchases!) choose a sustainable and design packaging. Contact us to discover the range of deformable aluminum tubes that will make your most loved products unique.

So, we feel like support the #noboxtoothpaste campaign: when it comes to packaging, we are pretty sure that “naked is beautiful” ! 🙂

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