Aluminum tubes for cosmetics: vintage style and modern reliability

In these years we see an interesting rediscovery of vintage style, especially in packaging design: companies are increasingly looking to create attractive packaging solutions, in order to amaze end consumers and orientate their purchasing choices.

Many cosmetic companies have already turned towards a vintage and retro style for the packaging of cosmetic products; and in this choice, aluminum tubes turn out to be protagonist.

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The metal tube is an icon of vintage style, a retro charm, linked to a past which recalls shapes and colors that are part of our collective memory, a familiar, consolidated and reliable visual heritage, nostalgic themes that act directly on feelings and emotions, precious levers for the engagement of the final consumer.

The consumers reward the brands that have undergone the vintage turnaround : we think about Pretty Vulgar, a line of vintage-declared cosmetics distributed on-line and by Sephora, which has become a beauty icon both for products and for products packaging with clear references to Liberty Style and naïve suggestions.

The Magazine Forbes last year has quoted Pretty Vulgar as one of the most promising beauty brands, positively welcoming the choice of vintage for packaging in the cosmetics sector, which has become a very strong trend, with lots of hashtags dedicated in the social media world, especially Instagram, the quintessential sharing social media of beautiful images, where #vintage hashtag has almost 70 million posts.

A charm that is linked to our personal history: for a woman, using a cosmetic that looks like those in her grandma’s dresser turns the beauty routine into a memory game. For a man it’s not different: shaving and morning toilette the way his father did create a sentimental bondage not only to our memories but to the product as well!

Another example, another brand: Besame Cosmetics, that has made vintage its distinguished feature. In fact, their products reproduce the colors and shades considered cool since the ’20s and’ 30s, with a retro packaging that brings to mind the style of Art Nouveau.

But let’s talk of aluminum tubes, absolute vintage style icons as in the case of Marvis toothpaste, brand that has entered the world of oral hygiene giving a shock to a stalled market, bringing a breath of freshness accompanied by a vintage taste so full of charm to become a real cult object in a very short time, with a strong online community that appreciates the Marvis mood and shares shots and images of toothpaste tubes just as if they were essential fashionable accessories or works of art exhibited in a museum!

Aluminum packaging: a sustainable choice

The advantages of aluminum packaging in cosmetics are many and recognized, starting from its peculiarities. In fact, aluminum is light but extremely resistant, hygienic, since it creates a barrier effect against light, temperature changes and contamination from external agents. It is an effective choice for packaging in cosmetics industry, where many products are easily perishable. Furthermore, aluminum is an environmentally friendly, infinitely recyclable material, since its recycling allows for around 95% energy savings compared to raw material production.

The aluminum tube is also a precious ally in the fight against waste: the soft and deformable material allows, in fact, to use the content up to the last drop, avoiding the unpleasant gesture of the “cut of the tube” necessary with a plastic tube, which could expose the product to external agents and cause deterioration and contamination.

Sustainability and ecology are values ​​highly considered for most end consumers and a packaging that reflects them will have an edge over. Communicating the reliability and authenticity of the product, especially for the cosmetics industry, is a fundamental objective in all marketing strategies for companies and to make it through a packaging that transmits these values ​​and embodies them will be simpler.

Tubettificio Favia: expertise and reliability

Tubettificio Favia embodies these values ​​and transmits them to its customers thinking of a customized packaging tailored to each individual product, offering its know-how and over 80 years of experience in the sector. Present on the market since the tubes were still in tin, Favia has contributed to the affirmation of the aluminum tube as an element for a safe, functional, reliable and sustainable packaging.

The vintage design that for many companies is a recent rediscovery, for Tubettificio Favia is a return to the origins, bringing back to light a part of its history. When it was modern what we call vintage today, Tubettificio Favia already produced tubes in tin before, then in aluminum as packaging for various industrial sectors.

Tubettificio Favia proposes the tube as an authentic design packaging, always inspired by its own company history, over 80 years, but focusing on technological innovation and digital printing, which allow a 360 ° customization, making the packaging an instrument at the service of corporate storytelling, an extra arrow to the bow of strategies to increase brand awareness.

ToBEUnique, the tube with digital printing that involves both the body and the closing cap is a perfect example of a combination of the search for a vintage style and contemporary technological innovation. Thanks to a chromatic rendering faithful to the client’s artwork and to a very high-quality print, ToBEUnique tube will be a precious ally in the definition of a corporate communication strategy.

It is precisely the cosmetic sector the most involved in the choice of design as well as quality packaging, since the makeup and beauty products require packaging that can speak to the final consumer, who knows how to embody and transmit corporate values. A vintage packaging increases the perception of reliability of the brand and contributes to the definition of a values system to which the consumer adheres almost unconsciously, orientating their purchase choices.

To this we must add the expertise of Favia, that produces aluminum tubes widely used in Pharma sector, which requires a working method based on the highest standards of quality and safety, a plus increasingly appreciated by cosmetic companies.

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