The 8 rules of conscious packaging: being responsible

The list of rules for conscious packaging ends with responsibility. But what does responsible packaging mean?

From a strictly industrial point of view, responsibility implies a responsible management of production processes and an awareness of environmental issues and the relative regulations of workers.

Production cycles and choice of low-impact raw material that allow energy savings, ways of hiring workers, safety and accident prevention regulations.

The responsibility of packaging is expressed through its recyclability, a low-impact raw material finding, a production cycle that does not waste energy, an intrinsic utility to the packaging and best practices for disposal.

The concept of responsible packaging encapsulates the sum of the other 7 rules, with a focus also on manufacturers.

A conscious packaging must therefore be necessary, sustainable, nowaste, reliable, functional, protect the content and enhance the brand and finally be produced in responsible way.

Even in the packaging industry, nowadays one of the major concerns of companies is the consumer’s perception of their mission and values.

How does business ethics emerge through its products and their packaging? Is the mission clear? How is the packaging produced? Does the company deal with sustainability? Does the production chain respect the workers?

Questions that need clear and visible answers and more. They require a physical counterproof, which consists of the packaging itself throughout its entire production cycle.

Does the company follow international regulations based on safety and hygiene standards for production and for workers, necessary for example in the case of delicate products such as drugs or food?

Do the materials used to produce the packaging come from responsible sources or from a certified supply chain?

The production processes of the Tubettificio Favia follow the strict ISO 9001 standards and the internal Quality Control Office is responsible for the supervision of all the production phases from the raw materials to the finished product.

Tubettificio Favia, a responsible packaging

The entire production process of tubes, including the printing part, takes place inside the Favia factories, to guarantee the highest made in Italy quality.

Favia employees are hired directly by the company according to the national collective agreements provided for in their respective duties.

A form of protection and respect for the workers, which is also the foundation of the company mission.

The company produces collapsible aluminium tubes, a choice of responsibility made a long time ago, precisely because of the search for a conscious packaging.

Aluminium is in fact a material that can be recycled to infinity, without ever losing its qualities, it is light and malleable, hygienic and suitable for contact with delicate contents such as drugs or food.

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