A “Green” Packaging Christmas

Christmas package, goodbye! This year, trendy gifts will be “green”, and the packaging must be congruent with this concept. The trend had already begun last year: recycled papers and bows, reusable bags, even cloth! If secondary packaging becomes green, how can primary packaging (as jars or tubes) be outdone?

And indeed, the change is tangible. Especially in two sectors that are considered “great classics” of the Christmas gift: cosmetics and food. Traditional gift packages reduce plastic packaging in favor of recycled cardboard or durable containers such as tin and wicker baskets, a true “gift in the gift” that is doubly appreciated.

All these small and large daily revolutions have a common denominator: the search for a new balance. Between job and private life; between Man and the Environment; between the determination to achieve one’s goals and the will to enjoy the road.

The frenetic rhythms are no longer seen as the symbol of a dynamic life but as a limitation that impoverishes the quality of life. Taking one’s own time also leads to more conscious consumption choices, which take into consideration above all the nature and quality of materials.

Industries are called upon to seek solutions that can achieve these new balances. The packaging world is particularly involved in this scenario, because it accompanies every area of our life. As a result, it absorbs and interprets the changes.

Such as? Often the answer to new needs is in the rediscovery of traditional materials and solutions, which in recent decades have been put aside by the hegemony of plastic. Just like collapsible aluminum tubes.

Here are 5 valid reasons that make the aluminum tube a perfect Christmas ally:

1) Vintage charm

The aluminum tube has an old fashion irresistible charm. Just seeing a tube immediately make us remember ancient advertisements from the beginning of the last century. They call it “nostalgia marketing” but there is more: it is the desire to recover, in addition to the image, values of quality and tradition from which we feel we have moved away. The aluminum tube communicates the adherence of the product to this line of thought and constitutes, in itself, an added value.

2) Eco-sustainability

Aluminum is 100% recyclable to infinity, without ever losing its original qualities: even if small, even if broken, even if dirty. Furthermore, the aluminum production from recycled material requires less energy than the production from raw one. And with ToBeNaturAL, the latest Favia creation, the cap is also eco-friendly: it is in fact produced in compostable bio-polymer.

3) Zero waste

The aluminum tubes can be squeezed to the end, allowing to use the content until the last drop, without any waste. Quite different from what happens with plastic tubes, which, once arrived “at the end”, require a scissors cut to get the remaining part of the product (in quantities that are anything but small). This implies an exposure to air for the product, therefore subject to oxidation and possible contamination; risk that is present since the beginning, because the plastic tube is never completely filled but always keeps an empty part in the tail where the product is already in contact with the air.

4) Practical and reliable

The collapsible aluminum tubes effectively protect the contents, preserving it from external agents that could contaminate it. However, they remain practical and light to carry, which makes them particularly useful in everyday life even for those products that we always want to take with us (for example, hand cream, very useful in winter, or an ointment for medical treatments).

5) It’s a conscious packaging

The collapsible aluminum tube is a perfect example of conscious packaging: it responds very well to the 8 golden rules of conscious packaging and this further enhances any gift. Why not printing the guide to insert it in the package? It will be a beautiful greeting card, not only for a Merry Christmas but above all for a better future.

Think about it. And Greetings from all our team!

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