A conscious packaging: 8 golden guidelines

The packaging industry looks up to the environment and in doing so it brings together experts in innovation and current trends. What was rule only a few years ago runs off fast and is replaced by a new trend. Consequently, packaging companies must be ready to re-modulate their offer based on market needs, which are obviously strongly influenced by the final consumer’s choices. As well as manufacturing companies in choosing the packaging of their products.

When a consumer buys a product, without even realizing it, he also purchases the packaging that contains or wraps it. Packaging is the natural complement to product experience: it facilitates its use, eases ransport, communicates its values and often significantly affects the final price. In the last decade we have witnessed a radical change of perspective.

What was considered attractive packaging in the past is no longer today: design and luxury were often synonymous with voluminous packaging in terms of dimensions and materials, today things have profoundly changed. Let’s think of the packaging revolution introduced by Apple for its products: minimal as a synonym of exclusive. The contemporary packaging that we could define as more conscious must strongly characterize a product in terms of environmental sustainability, an aspect towards which the consumer is more sensitive day by day, also thanks to the activism of charismatic people such as the very young Greta Thunberg or the Italian explorer Alex Bellini.

Packaging is under the spotlight alsofor some social media;campaignsmainly related to the realneed for so-called secondary packaging. Why suddenly all this attention? In part this is due to the increasing attention to environmental sustainability issues advocated by Hollywood stars, influencers on social media and some far-sighted companies, which push consumers to take more responsibility while making a purchase.;

For this reason, it is necessary to rethink the packaging industry, paying attention to every detail and bringing together the interests of manufacturing companies on one hand and consumers’ ones on the other, which can sanction the success or not of a product, even in relation to ;the packaging.

Tubettificio Favia has always been attentive to environmental and sustainability issues, by virtue of which it has chosen to devote itself exclusively to collapsible aluminium tubes, an ecological material that is infinitely 100% recyclable. For this we have hypothesized 8 golden rules that can help us make a responsible choice when buying a product. A true guideline to conscious packaging. Here they are:

Conscious packaging must … 

  1. be necessary 
  2. be sustainable 
  3. be zero waste 
  4. be reliable 
  5. be functional 
  6. protect the content 
  7. enhance the brand 
  8. be responsible 

The initiative is supported by CiAL – National Aluminum Packaging Consortium, which has always been involved in various initiatives to spread the sustainability culture and correct recycling of aluminium packaging.  

Keep following us to discover the meaning of each one and the good practices that can be put in place to reduce our impact on the environment

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