Does e-commerce shopping influences packaging design?

In recent months, especially due to the lockdown, we have witnessed a real “boom” in online sales. A change of habits that also touches the world of packaging closely.

Choosing a product on the internet, however, is not like choosing it from a store shelf: the criteria that come into play are quite different. Among these, the impact of packaging on the purchasing choice. That remains decisive even online, but in a radically different way, because new factors come into play. Let’s try to understand what they are and why a printed aluminum tube could become the right answer to win the attention of the potential buyer even online.

The size of the growth of online shopping

In recent years the online market has grown rapidly; Compared to last year, the beginning of 2020 was already recording an increase in online sales of 23.8% globally. Already a remarkable fact. Well, in April it seemed that ten years had already passed. Take a look at how much online sales have increased in these branches:

  • gardening: +288%
  • consumer electronics: +102%
  • health and beauty: +82%

(*source: IMRG Capgemini Online Retail Index, which tracks the online performances of over 200 retail chains month by month)

The latter is particularly interesting. L’Oreal announced that 2020’s first quarter closed with + 4.8% compared to last year and + 6.4% only for China (!). In Italy, same trend: Pambianco reports that online sales of the cosmetics and perfumery department of Esselunga have increased by 75% in the last two months. Shortly, buying cosmetics online seems to have become the real new trend.

Not only that: online food shopping has also skyrocketed: only in the USA there has been an increase in daily purchases of 110%! (source: Adobe 2020 Digital Economy Index)

The numbers will certainly shrink in the coming months but now the road seems outlined: brands that want to attract the attention of consumers will have to find ways to make themselves competitive online.

How the digital channel affects the shopping experience

1- User-centered

The digital experience reverses the perspective: we no longer see a user inside a store but a user on the sofa with the store in his hands. A “position of strength” where to attract his attention becomes complex. Consequently, it is essential to strengthen product brand awareness also through interactive strategies capable of integrating online and offline.

2- The role of social media

Over 70% of consumers (source: Social media Today) declared that the information collected on social media influences their buying trend. The product reputation therefore becomes a key factor: behind every buyer there is a possible detractor or brand ambassador.

3- Customized experience

Online advertising and the stores themselves offer users tailored offers based on their purchasing habits. A brand must therefore show itself as consistent as possible with the expectations of its target to obtain visibility.

4- The power of images

The online experience (still) lacks the atmosphere of the shop, the smells, the noises of the environment, the tactile sensation that you feel when you pick up the product. The game to get customer attention is played entirely on images and for many products (e.g. cosmetics or food) the image of the product corresponds with the image of the packaging.

5- Eco-sustainability

Home delivery requires a bunch of secondary packaging: cartons, plastics, boxes … paradoxically, the product can be more protected than on a store shelf. But this poses a sustainability problem that nobody can ignore anymore. The brands that will be able to interpret them? This aspect will offer a valid reason of choice to the final consumer.

6- Pay attention to scams!

Unfortunately, online it is easy to stumble upon fraudulent sites that sell counterfeit products. Pharma and Cosmetics are among the most affected sectors. People tend to trust into brands that they consider safer, that is, capable of protecting themselves.

The role of packaging in online shopping

Even in online sales, packaging plays a fundamental role in communicating and enhancing brand identity. A product with convincing packaging has a 40% more chance of being shared on social media (source: And it is already common saying, to indicate a product that works, that is instagrammable.

If you combine this with “smart” features, such as integration with a mobile app, then you’re done! J And if the packaging is also sustainable, then the brand that choses it can really count on a tremendous ally.

Favia aluminum tubes: brand allies (also online). That is why

They are instagrammable: thanks to digital printing on aluminium tube it is possible to obtain unique designs that really catch the attention, even online. With the exclusive ToBeUnique printing method, it is also possible to print the closure cap in an artwork of sure impact!

They are “smart”: the printing on tube can be integrated with StealthCode®, a “hidden” code in the artwork, invisible to the human eye but detectable with a free mobile app, which connects to exclusive digital content. An interactive solution that transforms the aluminum tube into a corporate storytelling tool!

They are eco-sustainable: aluminum is 100% and infinitely recyclable; its recycling process requires 95% less energy than production from raw materials. And with the ToBeNaturAL tube, also the closing cap is green, because it is made of fully compostable biopolymer of organic origin!

They protect against counterfeiting: the exclusivity of ToBeUnique digital printing together with StealthCode® allows you to discourage attempts at counterfeiting, simply protecting the product and consumers.

Did we convince you? Contact us to ask for a sample of tubes! We will be happy to discuss with you about your packaging design initiatives.

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