ToBeNatural: the revolution of a completely biodegradable capsule

The latest addition to the Favia tubes range, ToBeNaturAL, is a fully recyclable and sustainable collapsible aluminium tube. The body is made of aluminum, Favia’s favorite material that is 100% recyclable with a biodegradable bioplastic closure cap.

A real revolution in the packaging world. When choosing the most suitable material for the capsule, Favia turned to Aba srl, a leading company in the capsule molding industry for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, with the request for an innovative material.

The choice fell on IAmNature®, a bio-technopolymer that won the “BioPlastics Award 2017”, produced by Maip srl, a company specialized in the production of thermoplastic compounds with a strong interest in innovative, sustainable and high-tech materials.

It is a compound of different polymers all derived from renewable sources, which is why we can define a biopolymer. The term Bioplastic refers to plastics based on renewable sources or biodegradable and compostable plastic.

A biopolymer carbon biobased

The main polymer of which IAmNature® is made comes from the fermentation of some bacteria. The bacterium chosen by IamNature® produces a special degree of polyhydroxyalkanoate, which has the specific property of biodegrading both in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

To the base mixture mineral fillers or vegetable fibers are added and then natural based colors and other natural additives, used in cosmetics production. No chemical synthesis product enters the formulation process of this biopolymer, which is therefore completely natural.

Technically, the process that gives rise to biopolymer is the fermentation of some bacteria, in the case of IAmNature® it is a bacterial culture that multiplies very quickly and generates macromolecules used by the bacteria themselves as a source of reserve carbon. A bio-based carbon. What does bio-based carbon mean?

In the past, carbon was only coming from fossil origin, from petrol, natural gas and coal. Today there is a carbon of sustainable derivation, that is derived from renewable sources, organic materials in which carbon is connected to other carbon atoms, hydrogen, oxygen or other elements.

Sustainable development and renewable materials

To reach a more sustainable development, many companies have decided to invest in the search for technologically advanced materials, alternative to those coming from fossil raw materials also to intercept an ever-greater awareness from consumers. An increasing demand for certifications came along with this need to guarantee the effective quality of renewable materials.

IAmNature® has obtained the OkBiobased certification with 4 stars score, which means guaranteeing a biocarbon content between 80% and 100%. It can be defined sustainable and intelligent material, as in addition to being completely natural it can be disposed among organic waste, with infinitely lower environmental costs than traditional plastic capsules.

With ToBeNaturAL the world of packaging finally finds a concrete answer to the need for green and sustainable packaging, which is completely recyclable and has a very low environmental impact. A true revolution that will increase the value and the ethical imprint of your product.

To discover the technological innovation of this biodegradable bioplastic capsule, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to show you our new ToBeNaturAL with the countless customizations made possible by the implementation of our exclusive ToBeUnique printing method as well as the StealthCode® technology.

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