The relationship between anti-counterfeiting packaging and blockchain

Can blockchain technology become a means of guaranteeing safety and sustainability also in Packaging? Absolutely yes, from the perspective of the Internet of Things (or, in this case, Internet of Packaging) that is increasingly making its way among companies, from which the contemporary consumer requires more data and the ability to implement detailed information on the origin of each product they buy.

But also on its production, on the raw materials used, on the connected supply chain and so on up to useful information on its conservation, use and eventual disposal.

And what better physical place than packaging to contain such information and above all make it visible even before purchasing? Indeed, make them a real lever for purchasing. A packaging that communicates with the buyer and indeed helps him to orient himself among the possible purchasing choices.

This is because packaging has long since ceased to be a mere container and has become the protagonist in the perspective of an ever greater sustainability of processes and materials, and of a safety that looks in two directions: on the one hand, the safety of the product (hygiene and conservation) on the other hand the safety of the brand, with a constant fight against counterfeiting.

Just think that in the Pharma alone, the counterfeit drug market is worth over 4 billion euros a year, with economic consequences to which are added the far more dangerous ones relating to public health.

And let’s think about the possible consequences of counterfeiting also in the food sector: the safety of the food supply chain is a fundamental element of consumers’ experience, at least according to what consumers declare, especially at the end of these two years of pandemic. Consumers who have developed a new and more conscious awareness on the sustainability of processes and raw materials, which translates into thoughtful purchasing choices.

Naturally, the world of packaging must also adapt to the new sensibility of consumers, in fact, there is no shortage of great proclamations on eco-friendly packaging, recyclable packaging or the renunciation of secondary packaging. But often these are green washing actions, while what is really needed is a conscious packaging for a more attentive consumer, which allows them to satisfy the need to have chosen the best product also because it has done something for the environment.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for safe packaging

Product traceability and safety first. But in what way? Going beyond packaging with solutions that are not only functional, practical and sustainable but enter the complex path that brings a product into the hands of a buyer, possibly also telling him the story of the brand.

Undoubtedly one of the most recent applications that has also found space in the world of packaging is the blockchain and with it the infinite possibilities related to data protection and security. Let’s think, for example, of the possibility of letting the user discover a sort of identity card of a product.

For example, the apple we buy from our trusted greengrocer. Which plantation does it come from, what day it was harvested, the journey it made before arriving on the greengrocer’s shelf, any treatments it has undergone and further advice on conservation, disposal and so on. Not only interesting data for the consumer but for the entire supply chain. What imprint did this apple leave on its journey? How sustainable is its consumption?

All this is possible thanks to the blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Codes and algorithms that work together to file, monitor and store all data relating to the product, production processes, logistics, distribution and sales. With the guarantee that the product we are buying is exactly what we want and not a counterfeit.

Smart tubes: the blockchain at the service of packaging

It is precisely some artificial intelligence techniques that make it possible for our deformable aluminum tubes to become intelligent or talking. For example, our Smartube tubes, equipped with an alphanumeric code invisible to the human eye, and therefore impossible to see on the packaging and therefore to be imitated or counterfeited, but can be scanned with the appropriate App. The read code activates a useful link to the end user to learn valuable product information.

Are you looking for the perfect packaging for your products? Whether in the pharma, cosmetics, food or fine arts sectors, the collapsible aluminum tube could be the most suitable solution for you. You will not believe your eyes when you discover the infinite uses of the tube. Contact us to discover the wide range of our proposals.

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