Aluminium tubes: the ideal solution for a picnic

After the pandemic’s isolation at home, many people now feel the need to spend more time outdoors, choosing the picnic as a time of leisure with family and friends. A moment of sharing and sociability where even the ritual of food is the protagonist.  

And when preparing the traditional picnic basket, aluminium tubes are a must. As regards salty sauces, they range from classic mayonnaise to ketchup, anchovies, wasabi, pink sauce or barbecue sauce. But the tube can also be used for pâtés ( tuna and olives are the most popular) or balsamic vinegar creams. There are also countless sweet applications. 

Many tasty variations to make our cold dishes more delicious. The tube is easy to carry and allows us to garnish dishes without using additional tools such as spoons or sac à poche. 

The world of aluminium food packaging is one of our favourite industries because it shows easily how the value of good packaging is crucial from a product marketing point of view but also as a corporate storytelling vehicle to enhance brand identity and mission. Choosing aluminium packaging means protecting your product and the environment.   

Aluminium tubes for food packaging can be, and – to some extent – already are, a key element in several areas, including HoReCa. 

Aluminium tubes: taste and flavour at hand 

In the picnic basket, aluminium tubes save space and are not heavy, and due to the different sizes they can be perfectly declined in single doses, with tubes specifically designed for a single use. At the same time, when not in use, they can be closed again perfectly, avoiding waste and contamination by external agents. 

Once fully squeezed, they become tiny and very light, which means that there is no waste disposal problem. As they can be re-closed, they do not get dirty when opened and can therefore be stored anywhere safely. As soon as they are returned home, they can be disposed of in the appropriate container. Their small size and light weight also make them perfect for creating taste combinations. 

Picnic is nowadays very popular, although its history is as old as man’s. The pleasure of eating outdoors while sitting on the ground in the midst of nature has been the focus of numerous paintings by famous artists, such as some Impressionist masterpieces, or even novels and stories, as in Boccaccio’s Decameron. 

Creative ideas for a sustainable and stylish picnic basket ibile e di design 

Let’s think, for example, of a collection of sauces in tubes, like a real palette of tempera colours. So many coloured tubes for so many flavours: white like mayonnaise, yellow like mustard, orange like tabasco sauce, pink like rose sauce, red like ketchup, burgundy like a tasty barbecue sauce, green like a parsley sauce, blue like a blue cheese sauce. 

A palette of small single-dose aluminium tubes and one of larger family-size. Don’t you think they would be perfect not only for a picnic, but also to brighten up an informal table or a catering buffet? 

With the same idea we imagine a palette of coloured tubes with jams or fruit compotes or even sweet sauces such as chocolate, almond cream, hazelnuts, pistachios, vanilla and similar. 

Fun and colourful aluminium tubes, thanks to our digital printing, which when implemented with StealthCode® could become small ambassadors for your brand. Even on the surface of a tube, the invisible code can be detected by the mobile app and connects the user to your website or social profiles, where your customers can find recipes and much more. 

But the number one rule today is a zero-impact, sustainable and waste-free picnic, even better if it winks at design. Starting with packaging for our food. In the basket of our zero impact picnic there will be aluminium tubes, practical, hygienic, safe, perfect containers for sauces and dressings, both salty and sweet. 

Our exclusive solutions for digital printing on aluminium, e.g. ToBeUnique and ToBeNaturAl, are the ideal solution if you are starting a sustainability journey or if you want to adapt an existing one to the latest standards of quality and digital marketing 2.0. Contact us to learn more and find out how our deformable aluminium tubes can become the perfect packaging for your spreadable foods

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