Aluminium tubes for food: an effective and ecologic choice

Aluminum tubes for food packaging satisfy all these needs; the Favia tubes, even more! Let’s see why.

Have you ever decorated your food squeezing mayo or chocolate cream directly from the tube? We bet you did! Aluminium tubes are perfect for food packaging: tomato sauce, anchovy sauce, different types of dressings and creams… all these products need a packaging that protects their integrity, but that is also easy to use while cooking or enjoying a meal.

Why to choose aluminium tubes as food packaging

  • aluminium tubes are lighter and easier to carry if compared to other packaging solutions (such as glass jars)
  • they protect the integrity of the food, especially from light;
  • collapsible aluminium tubes are completely squeezable, which means they can be easily stored and reduce food waste;
  • little tubes are hygienical, because there is no need to use any other tool in order to get the product they have inside, whit no risk of contamination;
  • aluminium tubes are ecological, because aluminium can be infinitely recicled without losing its original qualities.

Aluminium tubes, from retail market to catering

Aluminium packaging is extremely flexible when it comes to Food: aluminium tubes can be use in several ways with different applications, both in retail and catering business.

  • Aluminium tubes can be opened and closed: this allows to keep an half-used product, which is not possible with many other packaging (i.e. fruit jam);
  • It’s light and safe to carry: the perfect companion for picnics and breakfast outside and for school break;
  • occupies little space and is easy to handle;
  • Aluminium tubes make colorful and entertaining the lunch and breakfast buffet!
  • Many catering companies will find a valid ally for their products in the aluminum tube as food packaging, a great business card to promote their own product and brand, and to be easily recognized. In the confectionery world, in gourmet kitchens or in the hands of the most creative chefs, a small tube can become an innovative tool, able to cheer up every table and every dish.

Aluminum Tubes for Favia Foods

The food chain is governed by strict consumer protection laws; thanks to long experience in the pharmaceutical industry, which requires high quality standards, Favia Quality Control Office performs controls at every stage of the production, involving every part of the tube, from the nozzle to the metal body, from the capsule to the lining internal. A follow-up that allows final customers a packaging of excellence quality.

Safe, practical and beautiful: the ToBeUnique aluminum tube


An additional reason to choose Favia aluminum tubes as food packaging is ToBeUnique, an exclusive digital printing method on aluminum tubes that involves both the aluminum tube body and the plastic cap for amazing results. An example? FruitAma Jams Tube.

Fruitama is a company that produces delicious jams available in tubes of various sizes located in Bergamo: the “pocket” size is perfect to put in your pocket or in the backpack for snacks, at the end of the sport, or … to keep in the office drawers! The graphic continuity given by the fruit pattern between the capsule and the tube and the pleasant chromatic contrast of the design are possible by the ToBeUnique printing method.

ToBeUnique aluminum tubes are customizable to enhance and promote as weel as possible the contents or product; the graphic design office of Tubettificio Favia is available for customers to tailor the design to the tube body taking full advantage of all the potential and the qualities of ToBeUnique.

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