6 uses of the tube that we would want for 2022

We all know that deformable aluminium tubes are safe, hygienic and practical packaging! But very often this reliability makes them a ‘cold’ and definitely not very fun packaging… a bias that is confirmed by their widespread use in the serious pharmaceutical sector, which traditionally leaves limited space for creativity.

Nothing could be more wrong! Aluminium tubes have great potential and can be a packaging that surprises the consumer and completely redefines the product perception. You don’t believe it is possible?

 We would like to start this 2022 by introducing 5 unconventional uses of aluminium tubes: some are already finding real applications, others are still a dream (for now) but we hope to see them soon implemented! 

Chocolate cream in tubes

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Spreadable creams have become our favourite allies for snacks and, why not, even for preparing delicious desserts for a quick dinner party. And aluminium tube becomes the perfect packaging for them. Why? Because it’s practical and sustainable, and with its small size it could become the perfect snack to take with us. The tube is resealable, so even if the product is not completely consumed, it can be used again in the future. Thanks to its handy format, moreover, it lends itself perfectly to cake decoration: just squeeze the chocolate cream directly onto the surface of the cake or cupcake and… you’re done!

Hand sanitiser gels

Over the past two years we have learned to live with gel hand sanitiser. Each of us has learned to live with the gel hand sanitiser. In the car, in every drawer at home, in the bag, in the pocket. Generally, these packages are made of plastic, which is practical, light and convenient, but definitely not sustainable. A deformable aluminium tube protects the contents even more effectively (thanks to its ability to offer a total shield against light), but it is also 100% infinitely recyclable! And let’s not forget that there is also an even lower level of environmental impact: ToBeNatural’s tube with a compostable polymer closure capsule! 

Sauces for catering and fast food

A balanced diet is the basis for a healthy life, but it is certainly not a break from the routine that ruins our eating habits. Sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce or pink sauce are an indispensable product on snack tables, in food delivery baskets and in event catering.  Why not make them sustainable as well? At the moment, most of these single-serving foods for the catering and Ho.RE.Ca sector are sold and packaged in plastic bags. What about mini deformable aluminium tubes? Compared to sachets, they are more practical and safer, because they avoid the “splash effect” that makes jackets and shirts shake. In addition, they are waste-free because you can take the remaining sauce with you for later consumption. Our customer Ipposushi is well aware of this and has decided to replace the disposable plastic packaging of sauce and wasabi with aluminium tubes for its takeaway baskets of sushi and other Asian specialities!

Beauty routine

To be honest, we are always in a hurry and, even when we are at home, taking care of ourselves is not always easy. With smartworking and other commitments, priorities seem to have changed.

Not at all! Self-care should never take a back seat. Although face masks are indispensable because they protect us, they also increase the need to take care of our facial skin.  And packaging such as aluminium tubes can help us a lot. Think foundation, cream blush, face masks or scrubs! Can you imagine the simplicity of applying foundation in a tube? No waste, no contamination and no risk of taking too much product, thanks to total control of dispensing (unlike with another packaging!).

Jams and preserves

Bread and jam is a classic for breakfast and snack time. Glass jars or single portions in hotel buffets are certainly good packaging, but what about jam in a tube? Just squeeze it onto bread or a slice of toast and it’s ready to go. No cutlery and no mess, especially when on the go. It’s a revolution for children’s snacks, and can even be carried in a school bag for a snack at school! Here’s an example of jam in a tube: Tubotti and Tubì, projects in which we were pleased to be involved with our ToBeUnique, the exclusive digital printing on tubes that combines the aluminium body of the tube and the closing capsule in a single process. Cheerful and super colourful. 


We already know how important sun protection is – and not just in summer! Did you know that sunscreen should also be applied in winter? Although it may sound strange, UV rays do not only damage our skin in summer! And our skin always needs to stay hydrated. That’s why we need packaging that is practical and guarantees the quality and safety of the product over the long term. The aluminium tube is therefore the ideal packaging for sun creams, which has already been chosen by our customer Aqualai!

 Do you have any other ideas for an original use of the aluminium tube? Please share them with us! They could become our next successful project!

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