Mayonnaise in aluminium tubes: 5 reasons why customers will choose it

We never know if we have any left in the pantry or fridge, but we always add it to our shopping cart. In case two friends arrive for an aperitif.

Although it is not a basic foodstuff, mayonnaise is particularly appreciated for its versatility and delicate taste, which goes well with many dishes, especially in summer.

In other words, it has become an ‘must have’ product.

It can be found in every supermarket and its packaging is different, depending on the format: mayonnaise in an aluminium tube, plastic tube or – the most common – in a glass jar of any size.

Since this is such a widely consumed food, we could ask: could packaging innovation start with the choice of an aluminium tube?

Innovation is only possible if it is able to meet new needs, and of course mayonnaise in aluminium tubes is able to meet the new requirements of hygiene, protection and portability demanded by today’s consumers.

Here are 5 reasons why customers will choose mayonnaise in aluminium tubes:

1. Functionality 

Thanks to its shape, mayonnaise in aluminium tubes takes up very little space in the pantry and is perfect for storing in the side compartments of the fridge. In addition, it is easy to carry with you on a trip, for a picnic in nature, or to the lake: it does not get dirty and allows you to leave the cutlery at home (especially if in plastic!).   

2. Hygiene and freshness 

No cross-contamination: using aluminium tube for mayonnaise always guarantees a fresh product that does not lose its properties. Thanks to its shape, the food inside cannot be contaminated by microorganisms and bacteria. This allows manufacturers to reconsider the amount of preservatives inside.   

3. Eco-friendly packaging 

After the pandemic, consumers are much more aware of the problems related to pollution. 

Mayonnaise in aluminium tubes is not only practical but also eco-friendly: aluminium can be recycled countless times in low environmental impact processes.   

 And that’s not all: choosing aluminium tubes as packaging avoids the need for secondary packaging. 

4. No waste  

Mayonnaise in aluminium tubes has a product quantity that best suits the needs of increasingly smaller households. Mayonnaise in glass jars, on the other hand, ends up more and more often in the rubbish bin because, once opened and because of its mostly occasional use.

5. Customisation

Food packaging is – to all intents and purposes – a media channel. It attracts the consumer’s attention among many similar products and leads him to the choice of our product.

But that’s not all: the increasingly frenetic lifestyle has resulted in a distracted and lazy consumer, who at a glance expects to recognise the brand and find all the information he needs on the packaging.

That’s why Favia came up with ToBeUnique: a unique printing process that ensures continuity between capsule and tube, adapting to even the most complex designs.

This type of printing also leads to interactive packaging: by framing the mayonnaise in aluminium tubes with your smartphone – using specific apps – you can get more information about the product, such as ingredients, expiry date, allergens and even video recipes with mayonnaise!

And what about the timeless vintage appeal of aluminium tube? As part of your marketing strategy, it is recommended that you consider the trend towards ‘nostalgia marketing‘: by awakening consumers’ memories of their childhood or of the happy old days, you can appeal to their emotions, one of the most important purchasing drivers of today.

Still not convinced? Contact us: we will explain in detail the possibilities of aluminium tube printing and provide you with a sample of our products.

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