Tubettificio Perfektüp, Open Day 2023: 1 year after acquisition, a successful transition

One year of us! On Saturday, 20 May, we celebrated the Open Day 2023: exactly one year after the takeover of the historic Tubettificio Favia company by Perfektüp, a Turkish company belonging to the Bell Holding group. To celebrate the first birthday, all employees were invited to bring their families and loved ones to the company to get a closer look at the plants and meet their ‘work colleagues’.

A moment of sharing attended by 220 people, including many children!

Also present at Open Day 2022, the president of Bell Holding, Livio Manzini, spoke at the event to take stock of the first year of activity and reaffirm the group’s core values in a brief speech in which he reiterated the desire to continue to believe and invest in Italy, in what has all the credentials to become a true centre of excellence in pharmaceutical packaging. Manzini thanked the management of Tubettificio Favia, which has led the company until 2021, even facing difficult times such as the height of the pandemic.

But if it is important to be heirs of the past, it is even more important to project ourselves into the future, in a market perspective that will be increasingly international. And in this future, people will be at the centre; a symbolic applause to the audience of employees accompanied a reflection: ‘We measure performance with a number of parameters, many of them technical (waste, line productivity,…) and others concerning the service we give to the customer and his satisfaction. I have to say it: an enormous amount of work has been done on all the parameters, which has turned the company’s fortunes around: and it was you, with your work and commitment, who made it possible.”

Hence, the team spirit and cohesion that is breathed at Bell Holding, where cooperation and working in synergy are fundamental for a solid and lasting company development.

We can safely say that Open Day 2023 celebrated a successful transition, which took the form of a symbolic gesture: the handing over of the personalised Perfektüp apron to President Manzini, among the smiles and applause of the public.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! See you next year!

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