Tubettificio Favia turns 85 years old

The first collapsible tube that came out of Favia’s premises, today would be 85 years old. A tube not yet in aluminum but in tin or lead, very common in the Thirties.

At that time, everyday life began to change. The taste of modernity and a new consumer culture spread: industrialization had made several products accessible to a wide audience, who were learning to appreciate them and recognize them thanks to advertising.

However, this meant new challenges related to the conservation, transport, distribution and even use of these products. The modern concept of “packaging” was born, and so the need to find new solutions. In particular for liquids and semisolids such as pastes, creams, ointments.

The Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic sectors are particularly affected by these changes. Pharma packaging must in fact ensure the best protection against external agents that could alter it, such as light or the contact with the air itself, but at the same time it must be easy to use and to store.

Cosmetics world was equally involved in this process, since it had experienced a real “boom” in the 1930s. Movie stars spread a new female ideal is spreading: a woman who actively lives in society, works, moves independently and brings her cosmetics in her purse. The modern cosmetic packaging therefore had to be practical, light and above all resealable!

Collapsible tubes: an innovative packaging

These trends were cleverly intercepted by an entrepreneur from Bari, Michele Favia, co-owner of a cosmetics company that already used tin tubes with excellent results, especially for ointments and toothpastes. Born in the USA, the metal tube was originally designed as a solution for painting colors, but its flexiblity made it immediately attractive to other applications.

Favia understood its potential and realized that market demand would increase over time. He decided to make a change in his life: he moved to Milan and founded what we would today call a “startup”: the “Tubettificio M.Favia”. The company “mission”? “Production of tin, lead and tinned lead tubes, raw or lithographed “.

For the time, a real innovation. But it was only the beginning: the Favia family could not imagine how many events the company would face in the decades to come. The destruction, due to the bombings of the Second World War; industrial reconstruction; the choice to resist the temptation of plastic and focus only on an ecological and recyclable material: aluminum. Finally, the consolidation of an important position in pharmaceutical packaging at an international level.

Favia collapsible aluminium tubes: from 20th century to the Second Millennium

And today? Today we continue in the wake of that distant intuition: we consider aluminum deformable tubes as the ideal packaging for many products, not only in Pharma and Cosmetics, but also in the Food sector. We have enriched the “classic” tube with innovations capable of characterizing it, such as the exclusive ToBeUnique printing method, which allows splendid design effects, or the introduction of the soft tip ophthalmic nozzle.

The choice to remain faithful to aluminum today meets a new sensitivity of end consumers, much more attentive than in the past to aspects of environmental sustainability linked to packaging. Also for this reason, ToBeNatural was born in 2019, the aluminum tube with compostable capsule. The natural complement to aluminum, 100% recyclable without losing the original qualities and which recycling process requires 95% less energy compared to the production of raw material.

The great Italian writer Italo Calvino defined a “classic” as “a book that has never finished saying what it has to say”. It is a maxim that goes well with many other areas. Even for packaging. We like to consider the aluminum tube as a great “classic”. And we are certain that in the market challenges of the coming decades it will still have much, very much to say!

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