Tubettificio Favia turns 83 years old

Happy Birthday to us! Tubettificio Favia celebrates in 2017 a truly special birthday. The first steps of our company date back to far away 1934, but it was in June 1957 that our history has taken shape, with the relocation of our headquarters to Cernusco sul Naviglio, where we still work nowadays, and the choice to devote ourselves to aluminum (up to that time, the tubes were made of pond).

83 years of history, 60 of which dedicated to the production of aluminum tubes. A long journey through the most important decades of Italian industrial history, that we lived both as witnesses and protagonists.

Over time, we have passed from being a small family-owned company, to become one of the leading aluminum packaging companies, with an annual sales volume of over 10 million euros. Our deformable aluminum tubes are the ideal packaging for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and fine arts, totally “made in Italy” with a production of 110 million aluminum tubes for year!

We supply our tubes to 45% of the Italian pharmaceutical market. Favia is also present internationally: 60% of our aluminum tube production is dedicated to foreign markets, especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

Our keywords are: specialization, innovation, internationalization.

  • We chose to manufacture aluminum deformable tubes, excluding other materials, because we strongly believe in its effectiveness: this metal is extremely flexible, customizable and infinitely recyclable. No compromise, but the awareness that a quality packaging gives value to the content. Our aluminum tubes for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry are used by essential companies in Europe and around the World, to which we provide a range of targeted and personalized solutions.
  • To remain loyal to yourself does not mean to preclude the path towards innovation: have a look to the aluminum tube with Soft Nozzle: is the perfect solution for ophthalmic, pediatric and veterinary applications. The aluminum tube with Soft Nozzle and ToBeUnique  (the Digital printing on aluminium tubes that involves both the tube and the closing cap) have been rewarded with many international prizes: the soft Nozzle has won the “Oscar for Packaging” in 2015 for Technological Innovation. In 2016, ToBeUnique was awarded with the same prestigious prize. In 2017, Favia’s innovations received two international awards: the WPO WorldStar Awards. We intercepted the needs of an ever-growing and demanding market showing new and unique solutions, suitable to enhance every brand.
  • With the advent of globalization, challenges have increased and also our desire to get involved. The Favia Online portal has been implemented, an innovative channel for optimizing business and communications processes with our customers.

Allow us to be proud of the path we have come up here and say … “Happy Birthday and many more to come!”

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