Tubettificio Favia becomes Tubettificio Perfektüp

More than 9 months have passed since the acquisition of Tubettificio Favia by Perfektüp. A dense and significant period, which has led the historic Lombard company to integrate seamlessly within the Bell Holding group. The official “debut” took place during the last edition of CphI in Frankfurt, which saw the joint pto announce another, significant step, which definitively sanctions the handover and the importance of this union: in the last days of 2022, Tubettificio Favia changed its name and became Tubettificio Perfektüp. 

A new corporate identity

The change will also bring about a renewal of the corporate identity. Starting with the logo, which we want to show you a preview today:

Image changes will occur gradually over the next few weeks to allow everyone to adjust naturally to this last but crucial transition phase.

What changes for clients, partners, and suppliers?

From a practical point of view, essentially nothing: existing orders will of course be carried through, and the current collaborative relationships remain in place.From an administrative point of view, the only change concerns the company name, which changes from “Tubettificio M. Favia Srl” to “Tubettificio Perfektüp Srl.”

The VAT number, tax code, ATECO code and other company references all remain unchanged. Quality arrangements also remain unchanged, both in terms of existing Specifications and in terms of production technology and control methods.We are, however, at your disposal for further information on this matter: send us an e-mail to or contact directly the managers of the administrative area or the quality laboratory on the “contact” page.

E-mail, website and Favia Online

E-mails will remain unchanged for the time being: you will continue to receive them with domain but once the name change occurs, a redirect to the new domain will be inserted. Again, therefore, you will not have to do anything. However, to make the change even easier, we will send you a dedicated email with all the new referring addresses.

The website address remains unchanged for the time being: all the access data for logging in to the restricted area also remain unchanged.

Always by your side, even stronger

Through the union with Perfektüp, our company has further consolidated its presence in international markets, also increasing its efficiency in terms of production volumes and back-up possibilities.

Doubts or questions? Contact us: we will be glad to provide you all the answers and the information you may need.

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