Tubettificio Favia at CPhI 2019

It’s already time for the most important international meeting of the pharmaceutical sector: CPhI Worldwide! An important moment of encounter in which the entire supply chain of Pharma Industry build new alliances, discuss the market changes and the challenges to be faced. Which are many and definitely demanding.

Anti-counterfeit pharmaceutical packaging

The first and most important challenge is certainly the fight against drug counterfeiting, a worrying phenomenon that is growing exponentially over the years. According to the IRACM (International Institute Research Against Counterfeit Medicines) the trafficking of counterfeit medicines makes profits 20 times higher than the one of heroin. Definitely convenient for organized crime, especially considering that there are fewer risks: the crime that appears is just products counterfeit, just like the “fake” handbags and t-shirts that you can buy in metro underground peddlers. But in this case health and sometimes even life are at stake: the WHO has estimated that only in Africa, about 100,000 people die each year because of counterfeit drugs ingestion.

Drugs counterfeiting means, above all, counterfeiting of pharmaceutical packaging: it is packaging indeed that makes a product immediately recognizable in the eyes of the buyer and that gives it some semblance of “respectability” that leads to unwary buying. Therefore, it is essential to find new anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions, including through the application of new digital technologies.

At Tubettificio Favia we have developed various proposals for the protection of end consumers, such as the exclusive ToBeUnique printing method and the Smart Tube, which can become both the winning key of anti-counterfeiting strategies and a valuable tool for digital communication and to gain customer loyalty.

ToBeUnique and Smart Tube: much more than a tube for drugs

ToBeUnique is the exclusive Favia method that combines the printing on the capsule and on the body of the tube in a single process. A method that allows surprising design solutions, not replicable with other printing methods: a uniqueness that constitutes in itself an anti-counterfeiting resource.

Favia digital and offset printing can hide a very useful secret: the StealthCode®. A code invisible to the human eye that is “hidden” on the entire printing surface of the tube. But when you simply scan the tube with the specific free mobile app (available in Apple or Google Play stores) you activate exclusive digital content, such as explanatory videos or downloadable documents. StealthCode® cannot be duplicated and IT security systems prevent the possibility to read it if they do not comply with the standards set.

SmartTube also provides an answer to another important need of the pharmaceutical industry: to strengthen the bond with end customers, offering an added value that goes beyond the logic of price or distribution.

Would you like to learn more? Visit us at CPhI!

We look forward to seeing you at the Frankfurt Trade Fair from November the 5th to 7th at stand 111G54. For an appointment, send us an email to . We’ll be glad to meet you!

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