Trash: the legend of the magic pyramid

What is hidden behind that can, that plastic bottle, those cigarette filters, those shopping bags that we find abandoned along the streets of our cities? What if at night, when most of the “humans” are in bed asleep, the rubbish wakes up? What if they have a life of their own?

This is the scenario that Luca della Grotta and Francesco Dafano have imagined and tell in this cartoon, a jewel that seems to have come out of Pixar studios, all made in Italy produced with the support of CONAI (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi – National Packaging Consortium) and the recycling chain consortia (including CIAL for aluminium). 

The trailer is available only in Italian (for now) but we hope to see an English release soon!

A modern fairytale on the road, a journey of hope in which the roles are reversed: it is the waste itself that wants to be recycled and taken to that mysterious place identified with the “magic pyramid”. 

The main characters, represented by different packaging and objects, have lost faith in the future because they no longer believe in the legend of this “magic pyramid” – which is nothing more than the symbol of recycling – which in the film is described as a special place where the rubbish that humans produce can regain value and a new function. And so, among challenges and obstacles, the group of friends set off in search of the emblem of their rebirth.

But why choose a cartoon to explain one of the hottest current issues of recent years? The personification of waste and its consequent humanization, is a narrative technique that allows authors to describe in a simple and empathic way the importance of recycling and the value chain of materials. As long as authorities and institutions talk about it, the problem of waste recycling is perceived as something distant, almost as if it does not concern us personally. 

Trash manages to get viewers to identify with this group of nice “garbage”, teaching that recycling serves to give a new purpose and “meaning” to the life of what can only appear as trash. The value and reality of recycling and second chances are at the base of the message that this cartoon wants to transfer to the younger generations (and not only!), also for this reason it has received the support of the Italian Consortiums for the recycling of packaging that for over twenty years have been working for a more sustainable world, committing themselves so that every packaging, at the end of its life, does not disappear into the oblivion of “waste” but becomes a new resource to be enhanced. The journey taken by the protagonists of Trash represents the path that we humans should ensure for them to be “happy”.

An educational and entertaining mission, an animated film different from what our screens are used to convey. From cinema to reality, together for a greener and more sustainable world, because the problem of sustainability is a story that involves everyone. 

Trash – The Legend of the Magic Pyramid, is produced by Al-One and distributed by Notorious Pictures. Expected release in Italy on October, 16. And the English version? Unfortunately we have to wait a bit more… stay tuned!

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