Sunscreen in aluminium tubes: benefits of sustainable packaging on holiday

Sunscreen is the product that should be in every holiday beauty kit. Contrary to popular belief, it should not only be applied when sunbathing on the beach, but also throughout the whole year. 

Not only it protect the skin from premature ageing due to UV exposure, but it also prevents dangerous skin diseases, hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity and moisture. 

Sunscreens are thus important products in every season. This is well known by consumers who, over the years and thanks to many awareness campaigns, have become much more aware of their importance.

Consequently, packaging has to adapt to a product that is no longer bought exclusively in summer and is definitely no longer an impulse buy. It is the packaging that often makes the difference: family or compact size, with or without dispenser, in jars or in tubes… what a choice!

However, aluminium tubes stand out from the rest of packaging solutions because they are particularly suited for this type of product and fit the new consumers’ needs, who are much more aware of the risk of unprotected sun exposure but also of the need to protect our planet. Now more than ever!

Benefits of the aluminium tube for sunscreens

The advantages of using aluminium tubes for sunscreens are many and they are unmatched by any other packaging choice. 

1 . Portability

The aluminium tube sunscreen is easy to carry around: due to its space-saving shape, it can be carried in even the smallest bags without taking up too much space. In addition, the screw cap prevents unpleasant spills and protects the product from splashes, sand and salt. 

2. Convenience

No waste of product! 

 How often do you throw away an unfinished product, just because – due to the type of packaging – it is difficult to pick up every last drop?

 With the aluminium tube this problem is solved, because it can be rolled up and squeezed out to the last drop.

3 . Sustainability

 Aluminium tubes for sunscreens are the perfect choice in terms of sustainability. Unfortunately, these products are one of the many pieces of plastic waste that are dumped on beaches every year, causing irreversible environmental damage.  Aluminium, on the other hand, even if dispersed in nature, has a reduced impact on the environment and, if disposed correctly, can be recycled completely and countless times.

4. Quality and hygiene

Sunscreens are as effective as well as delicate products. Whether they contain chemical or physical filters, it doesn’t matter: the packaging must be able to preserve their quality. Aluminium tubes protect the product from oxidation and contamination by external agents. This type of material also helps to limit the use of additives and other chemicals that would be highly polluting if dispersed in nature.

5. Personalisation 

The world of sunscreens is very competitive and standing out from the rest on the retail shelf is not always easy. Favia’s aluminium tube meets this need: with ToBeUnique, the innovative and unique printing process, you can implement any design on your tube, even the most complex. The endless customisation possibilities will give you a competitive advantage and make your sunscreen unique and representative of your values and brand. 

Acqualaï: the choice of aluminium tubes for eco-friendly sunscreensio per creme solari rispettose dell’ambiente

One of the manufacturers to believe in the aluminium tube for sunscreens is Acqualaï, the Italian Cosmetic company that combines beauty and sustainability.

They have chosen 100 grams aluminium tubes with a simple but impactful design, which aims to enhance the beauty of our seas and the uniqueness of the Italian islands.

The aluminium packaging contains a sunscreen with only physical filters, and the choice is not random at all: Acqualaï has in fact thought about the health of coral reefs, focusing on ingredients and filters that prevent bleaching, protecting the entire ecosystem and the local economy. 

An example of a beautiful collaboration that combines innovation and sustainability. 

Would you like to try out the innovation of our aluminium tubes? Contact us! We will be happy to discuss your project and send you a sample of our tubes. 

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