So far, so good: 2 years of Tubettificio Perfektüp

Tubettificio Perfektup 2 years

Two years have passed since the acquisition of Tubettificio Favia by the Perfektüp Group. It is the right time to take an initial stock of this decisive step in the company’s history: a time to look back at what has been done in these 24 months and to analyze the results achieved.

In this video, our CEO, Tiziano Furlan, takes an initial stock of these two years, so intense and significant, not least because they were lived in a geopolitical context that was anything but simple, between the end of the pandemic and the outbreak of two conflicts that are still dragging on today. A situation that has had important repercussions on the activities of companies, especially with regard to the supply chain. Today’s markets demand quick and courageous decisions: we have accepted the challenge. And after two years we can say … so far, so good! And for several reasons: we have succeeded in reassuring our stakeholders, from employees to long-standing clients; we have hired new staff with an increase of almost 50% in our direct-contract workforce; and above all, we have achieved renewed economic consolidation, which allows us to look forward to expansion into new markets. In particular, the ophthalmic packaging market, thanks to our exclusive solution: the tube with a soft ophthalmic nozzle.
In the video, all the details!

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