Production of aluminium tubes: 5 reasons to choose Tubettificio Favia

According to the most recent forecasts, it is estimated that the aluminum tube market will see a steady growth in the packaging sector over the next 10 years. In such a promising scenario, the offer is not lacking, and the competition is increasingly fierce. Relying on an efficient partner, able to guarantee high quality standards, is the first rule to grow your business. Here are five reasons to choose Tubettificio Favia for the production of aluminum tubes, a technological, practical and environment-friendly packaging.

1- High specialization

From the post-war period to today, Favia has always focused on aluminum tubes, leaving aside any other type of material. A specialization that allowed him to achieve excellent results, making it a leading company in the aluminum packaging sector. Favia can count on 7 production lines where the production cycle of collapsible aluminum tubes takes place in a continuous cycle with a supply of sizes from ø 13.5 mm up to ø 35 mm or from 3 to 150 grams, with an annual production line batch of 110 million of specimens, of which over 70% is destined for foreign markets, directly or indirectly.

2- Quality standards borrowed from the pharmaceutical sector

Favia is participating in the most important fairs of pharmaceutical branch and is supplier for some of the most important international pharmaceutical companies, which requires very high quality standards. In fact, inside the Tubettificio Favia operates a careful and scrupulous quality control laboratory and all the staff are highly qualified. Every step of the aluminum tubes production cycle is monitored and inspected, raw materials and machinery, to ensure optimal operation and maximum efficiency. The whole production process follows the Good Manufacturing Rules and ISO 9001 standards.

3- Quality Guaranteed Made in Italy

Favia is a guarantee of Made in Italy, since the entire production cycle of aluminum tubes takes place inside the Cernusco sul Naviglio headquarters: from the extrusion of aluminum tablets to the warehouse where the tubes are stored and the whole logistics. A production of aluminium tubes that can boast the best roots in the Italian industrial tradition, famous all over the world for the care of details, attention to design, and the choice of selected raw materials.

4- Sustainability and technological innovation

Favia has embarked on a profitable path animated by sustainability, research and technological innovation. Aluminum is a sustainable and infinitely recyclable material, a green choice for more and more companies with a view to paying greater attention to environmental problems, much felt by consumers. An ecological and sustainable material, light and malleable, which guarantees a perfect barrier against external agents and thanks to research and technological innovation offers packaging solutions with optimal results.

5 – A precious ally in digital marketing

Inside the Tubettificio Favia operates a design department able to collaborate in the definition of a graphic project that enhances all the potential offered by digital marketing and storytelling that find new and stimulating declinations in the collapsible aluminium tube. With ToBeUnique digital printing involving both the aluminium tube and the closing cap in the same process effective graphic solutions can be achieved. Furthermore, thanks to the application of the StealthCode technology, the collapsible aluminium tube can integrate true storytelling campaigns.

Choose a reliable partner that has a long history of success, research and innovation, contact us to learn more about our production of collapsible aluminium tubes.

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