Packaging trends for 2021

Just like any other industry, the packaging industry evolves and changes over time. In 2020, however, these changes have undergone a decisive surge, presenting brands with real challenges. So, what will be the trends in packaging in 2021? Have consumer habits changed?   

2020 has been a decidedly atypical year, but two consumer trends have reaised and are impossible to ignore: a renewed focus on sustainability and the search for hygienic safety even in packaging (especially in the context of large-scale food distribution). Trends that will remain and even consolidate for further developments.   

Here are 6 packaging trends for 2021:   

1) Packaging and e-CommerceThe strong increase in online shopping has forced companies to stop and rethink their packaging solutions: materials that are optimal for shipping and logistics in large quantities need to be adopted. It is not enough for the packaging to be strong, it must also be lightweight and reliable in terms of content preservation. 

2) Eco-friendly packaging – 2020, because of the health emergency, has been characterized by a significant increase towards environmental sustainability. For packaging, this means choosing materials with the least possible environmental impact. From banning plastic bags in supermarkets to using recyclable or compostable materials, there are many eco-friendly packaging alternatives that are changing the packaging industry.   

3) Interactive packaging – More and more companies are implementing interactive packaging, whether using smartphones or augmented reality. Tubettificio Favia already offers an interactive solution with the innovative StealthCode interactive system. 

4) Storytelling – An important trend for 2021 is the desire of many companies to use packaging more effectively to tell the story and values of the brand. By offering key information about the company through the packaging, there is a better opportunity to cultivate a relationship with the end consumer and to stand out on the shelf. Thanks to ToBeUnique digital printing, Favia allows companies to communicate through packaging in an original and innovative way.   

5) Packaging safety Packaging safety is a hot topic, especially when it comes to food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Packaging plays a key role in maintaining the characteristics of its contents after first use, extending shelf life and protecting the contents during transport. 

6) Pet-friendly packaging – By spending more time at home, many have rediscovered their relationship with their four-legged friends and re-evaluated the importance of their daily care. It is no coincidence that pet food and pet accessories have been among the products that have seen the biggest upsurge in sales. Consumers are also paying more attention to product packaging: it must guarantee hygienic safety and facilitate product use (especially in the case of veterinary medicines). Those who love animals and nature are also looking for coherence in brand values and are therefore more inclined to choose products with eco-friendly packaging. Tubettificio Favia offers a solution that is particularly suitable for the veterinary field: the aluminium tube with the soft nozzle, thanks to the addition of the soft plastic tip, facilitates the dispensing and application of the product even on the most sensitive areas. 

These points demonstrate that packaging is constantly evolving according to consumer demands and preferences. And how will companies respond to these new needs?  

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging (aluminium tubes) we are at the disposal of our partners to implement packaging strategies that enhance product value and strengthen market presence. Contact us for more information: we will be happy to talk to you and send you a sample of tubes.   

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