Mister Natura has arrived at our company!

Shopping online is convenient; if it’s organic, even better! What if it arrived directly to work, bagged and ready to take home? Wouldn’t that be the perfect grocery shopping?

Thanks to Mister Natura, this is more than an idea: it is an initiative that allows you to buy fresh products online, receive your groceries at work and store them in special refrigerated lockers. At the end of the day, you can immediately go home with your bags full of quality food and avoid wasting precious time.  

Our company has gladly joined this project, which combines the convenience of supermarkets’ online shopping owith the opportunity to choose fresh, short supply chain foods: fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, fresh pasta, cheese, they all come from local  wholesales markets and the best small producers. A real street market that takes place on the Internet, instead, and 24/7 !

 The lockers have been installed right outside the company cafeteria, a place easily accessible to everyone. The purchasing process is simple: just register, fill the cart with your favorite products and choose the delivery date. The groceries will be delivered directly to the locker; at this point the shopper will receive a code via mobile app: just scan it to produce the opening of the counter and give him or her a way to pick up the delicacies chosen online! 

The only real difference from a traditional supermarket is that when registering, it is also necessary to indicate the code that identifies the company and the job title held: in fact, Mister Natura is a BtoB company and for the moment only caters to other companies, not the general public. A selection that allows maximum focus on service quality.

“We decided to join this initiative because we immediately found it consistent with our values of sustainable development and connection with the territory,” explains CEO Tiziano Furlan. “We believe that a company should think first and foremost about the well-being of its employees and collaborators, and this also passes through concrete actions to make daily activities easier. A better quality of life also passes through these small gestures.” 

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