inLei®: cosmetic packaging at the service of the eye

If eyes are the mirror of the soul, the lashes are its precious frame. This is well known to the entrepreneur Tatiana Shcherbyna, co-founder of the Light Lashes® and InLei® portal. The second one is a successful cosmetic brand dedicated to the eye: a line of 100% Made in Italy products for professional lash artists and brow artists, which in just a few years has evolved from a startup to an international company. A rise in which cosmetic packaging has also played a decisive role.  

The company was founded in 2013 and at the beginning it was a simple one-man lash extension company, an activity that Tatiana already knew very well: in fact, she had been holding professional lash art courses for beauticians for a long time, also playing the role of judge in important international competitions in the sector.  

It was precisely the experience gained in the field that made her identify a need to be filled: the products used in Italy were all imported from abroad. In fact, there was no national production dedicated to lash stylists.  

Tatiana explains: “I wanted to create a cosmetic line based on the criteria of excellence of raw materials and processing that are typical of Made in Italy, in order to provide beauticians with safe and certified products, made in Italian laboratories and already standardized according to European regulations”. The beginnings, however, were not easy. Tatiana and Sergio, her husband and partner, encountered several difficulties. “We started with 0 budget, armed only with one great idea. We struggled to convince suppliers and partners of the goodness of the project, not to mention the banks… Besides, we are of Ukrainian origin and this unfortunately created an extra barrier. Tubettificio Favia was one of the first companies to believe in us and trust us”. 

Tatiana says: “We know how important cosmetic packaging is: it completes the product experience and its visual and tactile qualities help to define its identity. For our eyelash and eyebrow dyes Made in Italy, we wanted packaging that was up to the mark. We chose the deformable aluminium tube because it is a great classic in the dyeing world: it effectively protects the product, does not retain air inside and thus prevents oxidation. In addition, it is also eco-sustainable

We needed small, 15 ml aluminium tubes, which are usually required by pharmaceutical companies. “Favia has a long experience in pharmaceuticals, but has a perfect understanding of our needs as a cosmetics company. It has been able to listen to us and provide solutions in an agile and proactive way. For example, the coating inside the tube has been selected to perfectly match the chemical formulation of our dye, protecting it without the risk of altering it”. 

Success exploded in just a few years: “We went from a 100-square-metre room to a 1000-square-metre office building! We have also gone to work 17 hours a day…but we are proud of the results we have achieved”. 

Today, inLei® products are sold worldwide: the company has official representatives in 25 countries, including the EU, Russia, UK, Ukraine, Canada and even Indonesia. Eyelash and eyebrow cosmetics can be purchased directly on the company’s e-commerce site, the BtoB portal in Italian and English, where you can find high-quality eyelash and eyebrow cosmetics that are the essential requirement of a specialist beautician. The sale of cosmetics is accompanied by training activities for beauticians who choose to specialize in lash and brow art. 

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