Holiday time: some valid reasons to put an aluminium tube in your bag

Have you ever considered that the aluminium tube is the perfect companion for your holidays?

We speak of a versatile and environmentally friendly packaging, perfect for many products used during summer holidays. The products in the tube are easily transportable, easy to open and close, easy to use.

Furthermore, aluminum is a light material that guarantees a perfect barrier against light and external agents, so it is particularly suitable for transport.

Aluminum tubes for drugs: perfects for trips in nature

Among all the bags for a trip the one with the pharmaceutical kit can’t be missing at all! Ointments and sunscreens, “after bite” gel and creams for insects, jelly or irritation, but also lotions to treat any barrel, pain or dislocations, if stored in aluminum tubes will ensure practicality, safety and long life, thanks to the intrinsic properties of aluminum, a highly sought-after material that fits perfect the world of pharmaceutical packaging.

Aluminum tubes for cosmetics: beauty always handy

Collapsible aluminum tubes are an ideal packaging for Cosmetics too, a precious ally, especially during holidays. Comfortable, hygienic and light the tubes, in fact, facilitate the dispensing of product. They are perfect for ointments or gel for topical use, and allow a complete use of the product, avoiding waste, as by rolling up on themselves give the consumer a chance to squeeze out the content until the last drop.

Aluminum tubes for food, essential in the picnic basket

Aluminum tubes for food can make the difference, thanks to sauces, jams and single-portion condiments. Light and resealable, aluminum tubes can easily be transported in picnic baskets, in the bag for the beach, or in a suitcase for an unexpected snack.

Not to mention the possible applications of small aluminum tubes for single-portion food for hotels, such as jams, chocolate creams, various sauces and ideal condiments in buffets, for example for breakfasts, brunches or snacks.

In many ways, collapsible aluminum tubes are truly an ideal “travel-mate”!

As a result, they are the perfect packaging for all the products we love to bring with us on holidays.

Does your company produce some of these products? If you are looking for an eco-friendly and versatile packaging solution, contact us to discover the wide range of our aluminum tubes: we will be happy to show you our packaging solutions!

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