Favia and Eywa Nature: “Thus was born ToBeNaturAL”

ToBeNaturAL, the aluminum tube with biodegradable cap, represents both a conquest of scientific research and a beautiful business story. It was born from a collaboration with a very special customer: Eywa Nature, a benefit company that studies and manufactures eco-plant products with a focus on the sustainability of the entire production cycle and that has consequently chosen a packaging coherent with these principles.

The founder, Luca Malaspina, defines Eywa as “the effort to bring on the market a new idea of development and of Network. The markets are saturated and the economic situation is always more complex : it is fundamental that the project arrives before the product and that the business leadership results less important than the importance of the whole community.Malaspina continues: “The world of cosmetics is very complex. The public is used to products with a certain type of image and it is necessary to confront these expectations. Natural cosmetics also need special protection because unlike classic products they do not contain preservatives, so they can be more easily exposed to contamination. The aluminum tube in this sense is perfect: the product never comes into contact with fingers or other instruments and there is no chance to residual air. It is also very light and practical to carry”.

At the beginning, however, the intentions were different. “We were oriented towards an entirely biopolymer packaging, and this is how we discovered IamNature®, an extraordinary material, that unfortunately, due to its rigidness was not suitable for all the applications we needed. Looking for other alternative ecological packaging solutions on the Internet, we found the Tubettificio Favia”.

Thus, a strategic partnership was born. “With Favia we found a real partner, not just a supplier: they immediately embraced the project, sharing its values.” Eywa played an active role in the entire project, connecting Favia with Aba srl, the company that manufactures the cap, and Maip srl, the European licensees of the IamNature® biopolymer (which in 2017 was awarded with prestigious international Bioplastic Award by defeating Basf!). “Everyone has put the best in this project. Now it’s up to consumers to make the difference. I am convinced that packaging can become a further valid reason to purchase, capable of interpreting the quality and values of a product “.

Values that for Eywa coincide with the business project, do not just merely inspire it. “Eywa is a benefit company, not a B-corporation . The B  corp are traditional companies that implement corporate responsibility strategies to obtain a certification, while the benefit companies, on the other hand, introduce directly into their statute the environmental and social impact of their business activity. This poses many more constraints, but we prefer to consider this as a rudder that can always indicate the right course. ” Of course in the choice of packaging too.

Eywa products are also available online at this link: https://eywanature.it/shop/

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