Favia aluminium tubes: Quality is our distinguishing feature

When asked “what is your company core business?” the answer is always the same, since 1950s: we produce deformable aluminium tubes. This answer, however, is incomplete by itself. Our customers know that the activity of Tubettificio Favia is composed of many other fundamental aspects:

  • Listening to Customer needs: thanks to an experience of over 80 years in the aluminium packaging sector, we can satisfy even the most complex needs in terms of product, design and delivery;
  • Predisposition for innovation: our innovative packaging solutions, such as the soft-nozzle tube and the ToBeUnique digital printing, have been rewarded with prestigious national and international awards; the interactive Smart Aluminium Tube, presented at the 2018 CPhI fair in Madrid, encountered great public success;
  • Attention to quality: Tubettificio Favia is a reference point for pharmaceutical packaging, a branch that requires very high-quality standards. A track that has become part of our modus operandi in all our projects, even in different branches from Pharma such as Cosmetics, Food and Fine Arts.

The Quality Control Laboratory of Tubettificio Favia performs methodical checks to ensure compliance with the agreed specifications, the printing of products based on the artwork, the use of approved materials and the complete traceability of the lots. Samples of products undergo many tests, even under stress conditions, to verify their absolute quality.

The Internal Quality System is based on the Good Manufacturing Practice and the ISO EN 9001: 2015 standards; just within October 2018 the process of certification updating has been completed, and Favia received the new Certificate, which certifies the adherence of the Favia processes to the ISO standards.

Tubettificio Favia has also submitted a DMF to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the production of deformable aluminium tubes, a fundamental requirement for companies that distribute products in the United States or in other foreign countries.

More information available on the Quality page; in the Download Area you can also request a copy of the certificates.

Would you like more details? Contact us: we will be happy to update you and send you a sample of tubes.

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