Favia expands its green packaging offer: here is the tube with recycled plastic cap  

Favia’s range of solutions for sustainable packaging is expanding: in addition to ToBeNaturAL , the aluminium tube with a compostable material cap, it will be possible to have a tube with a recycled plastic closing cap. A first but decisive step towards green packaging, useful especially for those companies that have recently embarked on a path of transformation towards sustainability.  

In recent years, we witnessed a raising awareness about pollution and littering; environmental issues ara now a priority for many countries and brands all around the world. One of the most widespread problems, especially in the e-Commerce sector, is excess packaging, a global phenomenon that causes an enormous production of waste every year.   

Sustainability is a factor that makes a difference in any economic sector: nowadays’ consumers prefer environmentally friendly products and eco-friendly packaging. The companies have an obligation to meet the interests of consumers and, in turn, commit themselves to more and more to integrate environmental sustainability into production processes and to they take action to be responsible towards society and the territory.   

Research to find sustainable solutions is advancing and thanks to new alternatives it is possible to experiment with edible and compostable packaging. 

Packaging is considered a very important element for consumers’ perception of the brand because it has a positive impact on its value and recognition. It is not just a commodity but it conveys messages and values that consumers use to orient themselves in the purchasing process.   

According to a survey carried out by European Consumer Packaging Perceptions, two out of three Italians would like more environmentally friendly packaging for their products. 55% of millennials said they choose products that produce as little waste as possible. In Europe, the consumer trend is towards purchasing products with environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, materials that can compete with all those derived from oil and can guarantee better performance, as well as a reduction in environmental impact. For 41% of consumers, packaging is the first sustainability factor on which a brand is assessed: this means that packaging becomes the key element to pay attention to when assessing the brand.   

The motto is clear: do you want your product to end up in the shopping cart? Use sustainable packaging!  

In an aluminium tube, the only weak point from the point of view of sustainability is the closing cap, which is why Favia realized ToBeNatuRAL, an aluminium tube with a closure cap made of a compostable biopolymer cap.

Our ToBeNaturAL aluminium tubes – of which we are very proud – are a perfect example of eco-friendly packaging: aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material that does not lose its original qualities, it is estimated that 75% of the aluminium produced in the world so far is still in use today.   

In order to offer our customers an additional sustainable option, we have also implemented the recycled plastic cap. Perhaps not everyone knows that from plastic, through various steps of mechanical sorting, cleaning, filtering and separation from other non-recyclable waste, you get a perfectly recyclable material. 75% becomes other plastic. 

The big brands that have opted for recycled packaging, especially choosing plastic, are many: the Recycling Still bottles of Coca-Cola, the recycled biopolymer PET bottles of Evian, the Granarolo Milk containers, the Alisea Recycling Project that transforms correctly recycled PET bottles into containers for cosmetics. An important step, especially considering that it is not easy to change “on the run” the packaging of products already consolidated on the market.   

If you are curious to know more, contact us: we will be happy to discuss together what is the best sustainable packaging solution for your products.   

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